Google has been a pretty busy place to work over the past few months, with most of the company’s effort getting poured into developing the brand new version of Android. This time around we’re getting presented with Android M, which is obviously following up from the much loved Lollipop update. But what’s changed, apart from the name of course?

We’re here to help find out why you should be super excited for the next Android update with these five great features! So if you’ve got a bit disinterested with your smartphone, here’s to helping you regain your excitement…

Android Pay

Android Pay

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Ever gone to the shop and forgotten your wallet? It’s an annoying problem, and one which is set to be eradicated by Android Pay.

Previously, manufacturers had to include mobile payment software of their own in their handsets to make payments, like Samsung Pay on the S6. However, with Android Pay every Google powered phone is set to be able to work the feature, given that it has the proper internal kit of course.

It all works simply enough, with your phone acting as a virtual card to pay for anything from carrots to cars. This means that your regular card details are kept nice and safe, whilst fingerprint or password verification is needed to confirm a payment wirelessly.

Android Pay also does a good job for Google’s constant battle with Apple, after the iPhone manufacturer revealed Apple Pay last year. So you can’t be using that as an argument against Android anymore, Apple fans.

Doze mode

Doze Mode

Who doesn’t want a longer battery? Well, with Doze mode joining in on the Android fun you won’t have to worry quite as much about your phone failing you at the most inopportune time.

The clue’s in the name; Doze mode essentially lets your Android smartphone take a bit of a nap when you haven’t used it in a while. The feature stops apps refreshing, so don’t expect your Twitter feed to be quite as fresh the moment you wake up in the morning, but at least your battery will be as full as ever.

Google is claiming that Doze Mode will effectively double battery life compared to the same device on Android Lollipop, so if this is the case we think it might be onto a winner.

USB-C support


Charging is something all smartphones have to go through on a regular basis, so Google is finally making it a less challenging endeavour thanks to USB-C support.

The first major advantage is the brand new cable, which fits in either way up (a godsend for those midnight fumbles when trying to plug in our charger). Also, it actually charges our phones faster as well – up to five times quicker in some cases.

Now on tap

Google Now on Tap

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Google Now has proven itself as a great little helper in our day to day lives, but it is a bit limited when it comes down to using it in our non-Google app collection. This is making a pretty big change with Android M, all thanks to Now on Tap.

Integrating much better with apps on all levels, Google Now will be able to gather way more information and suggest ways for you to act on it as well. So, if you’re browsing your emails and they happen to mention the latest movie release Google Now will then suggest upcoming showings at your local cinema.

It all works with a simple long press of the home button on your Android phone as well, so it doesn’t take a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to get it to work properly either.

More biometrics

Android Fingerprint

For those not bang up to date with the latest mobile jargon, biometrics is using your body as a way of accessing your phone instead of a password. Apple originally got the smartphone world talking with its Touch ID feature back on the iPhone 5s, and now Android M is offering a way to read fingerprints.

No longer will manufacturers need to bring their own fingerprint reading kit to play with cough Samsung again cough. But as long as the phone packs the necessary kit, Google will be bringing the software along.

Expect this to develop a bit further once iris scanning phones become commonplace, but for now it’s just nice to see Android keeping up with Apple on the fingerprint front.