**Google has become way more than a search engine over the past decade or so, developing everything from mobile phones and internet browsers, down to glasses and operating systems. **Android is Google’s mobile software system, used on millions of tablets and smartphones, and now it looks like it could be heading to your TV screen too.

Android TV was unveiled at Google’s I/O developer conference earlier this year, and is promising to turn your TV into a super powered Android device.

But just how big could Android TV become? Let’s find out!

More Android Content than Ever!

You’re sat down for a night in front of the box, chocolate bar and remote in hand, and you realise: there’s nothing on. Regardless of how many channels you might happen to have, sometimes, you just can’t find anything that suits your mood. But that’s where Android TV steps in.

With Android’s TV feature, films, TV shows and games are all available on demand to buy or rent, along with all the free catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. With a simple flick of the remote, you can search through thousands of channels, movies and TV programmes that suit you and the family.

Voice Powered Google Search

Tired of losing your remote down the back of the sofa (or in the dog’s mouth)? With Android TV users can switch channels and search for programmes using just their voice!

Voice controlled searches make it quick and easy to find even the most obscure film or show, whilst making even vague searches a simple task. Instead of trawling through lists of programmes or films or browsing for categories, Android TV’s voice powered search allows you to find anything from “films with Will Smith” to “cats falling down the stairs” videos. Saves hunting around for next week’s TV guide doesn’t it?

Will Android TV be a hit?

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Plays Well With Other Androids!

Something which is incredibly useful for smartphone and tablet users is making things work in sync with their existing device, and Android TV is promising to do just that.

By linking with current Android powered phones and tablets, Android TV will be able to display TV guides via the user’s handheld device as well as stream to and from both pieces of kit.

This also has a huge impact on gaming, letting multiple Android users share a gaming experience from their phones or tablets through the big screen. It isn’t likely to overtake console gaming just yet, but it will be making gaming a far easier experience for smartphone users, drawing them away from smaller screens.

More Apps from the Google Play Store

Being made by Google gives Android TV a huge advantage on the app front, with millions of apps already available in the Google Play Store. This means, compared to other Smart TVs out there right now, you could be getting a lot more than you bargained for!

Nnot all apps from the Play Store will make the jump to the service, but the likes of Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Vevo are already confirmed, along with a number of games. So, whether you like to spend your spare time gaming, streaming films or by simply looking up videos of cute dogs, Android TV should have you covered.

Could we watch Netflix on Android TV through our phone?

When is Android TV Available?

Believe it or not, some Android set top boxes are available right now, averaging at around £50. Google is set to release more boxes throughout the final months of this year, with a lot more still to come from the internet giant.  If you don’t fancy having another box slotted between your DVD player and dust-ridden VHS cassette player then you should be able to find Android TV built into some flat screens by the start of next year.

Of course, with all these features crammed into the kit, it’s pretty hard to find a reason why you shouldn’t be cashing in on Google’s latest piece of technological art!

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