Google has finally unveiled its take on wearable tech with Android Wear, a new operating system especially designed for smartwatches. The software looks set to revolutionise the smartwatch market, offering a whole bunch of brand new features we’ve never seen before.

But why are we so excited about Android Wear?

1. Useful Info when you need it most

Google has got it spot on when developing Android Wear for smartwatches; after all, the whole point of a smartwatch is to get information, quick.

Similarly to Google Now, you can simply swipe through the latest football scores, weather reports or happening news stories so ensure you’re on the ball all day long.

So when you’re out and about and need directions, Android Wear has got it down. Off to the beach? Android’s jellyfish warning can alert you to looming dangers.

And what’s more, Android Wear is compatible with all of your favourite apps, which means you can receive notifications from the likes of Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and even BBC News.

2. OK Google!

With the launch of Google Now on Android KitKat, it’s no surprise that Android Wear comes fully equipped with voice activated Google Search. With Android Wear, you’ll never have to type anything ever again; simply get Google’s attention with “OK Google” and talk away!

OK Google - Best Android Wear features

No longer will you have to pull out your phone to Google the latest football score, or find out when the nearest takeaway closes; instead we can just ask our Android Wear and find out in seconds.

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3. Health + Fitness on Android

Whilst using your watch as a fitness aide isn’t anything we’ve not seen before, (think Samsung Gear Fit and Sony FitBand) , Android Wear takes it one step further.

Unlike the fitness bands mentioned above, Android Wear allows you to use your smartwatch with all of your favourite fitness apps, meaning you don’t have to change your fitness regime with your new Android-powered device.

Discover how many steps you’ve walked or calories you’ve burned, and analyse your workouts with a multitude of Android Wear fitness features.

4. Android Wear is open to manufacturers

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Android Wear is that, just like Android for smartphones, it can be accessed by a multitude of different manufacturers. This means that LG, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, amongst others, can build a smartwatch capable of offering us the very best of Android.

This is especially good news for the fashion-forward tech fans as it means that ugly, functional smartwatches might be a thing of the past. The images of Android Wear released by Google reportedly show Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch- and boy does it look good!

Stylish Android Wear smartwatches

5. Android Multiscreen

Last but not least, another exciting feature created by Android Wear is Multiscreen World.

With Multiscreen World, users are able to use their smartwatch to activate a number of other devices. For instance, you can access a music playlist on their smartphone, or change the channel on your TV.

In Google’s demo video of Android Wear, we even saw a smartwatch being used to open a garage door from a distance, adding keys to the list of things made completely redundant thanks to mobile technology!

So by the looks of it, there’s soon to be nothing that Android can’t run. And if technology keeps developing as it is, we don’t mind one bit!