Like the blossoming of spring itself, the arrival of March is great news for us tech fanatics. The iPad 3 launch is coming and we just can’t wait to find out the official spec and features that make this iPad stand out and fight against wide array of Android tablet devices.

iPad 3 launch date

Apple’s highly talked about iPad 3 is expected to be announced in San Francisco on Wednesday 7th March; the same announcement date as the original iPad and iPad 2. Looking at the Apple invite in closer detail, there are a few juicy hints of what’s to come.

iPad 3 rumours

Our first iPad 3 rumour is that the latest release will do away with the physical home button. A quick glance at the invite and you’ll notice no signs of this iconic button; a feature distinct across the Apple spectrum of iPad’s and iPhone’s. Will there be physical buttons on the iPad 3, or will it be controlled entirely by touchscreen and sensors?

The image quality of the iPad 3 on this invite looks way beyond that of the iPad 2. This could match the iPad 3 rumour that Apple’s latest device will feature a retina display; providing around twice the resolution of the iPad 2.

Whereas the transition from original iPad to iPad 2 focused on a lighter, faster device with extended battery life, we expect the Apple iPad 3 to focus greater on delivering exciting new features that can only be achieved on the iPad 3.3D display technology? NFC? It’s too tough to call the key features which will define the iPad 3.
With the tablet market envious of the Apple iPad 2 domination, rival brands are evolving at hyper-speed to compete. With tablets such as the Asus Transformer Prime powered to the max with a meaty quad core processor, is this level of multi-tasking something we can expect in the iPad 3 release? All of our questions, rumours and curiosities will be fully answered at the Apple iPad 3 launch on 7th March.

Could it be an iPad 2S?

Maybe the Apple launch is to promote an upgrade of the iPad 2, much like the transition from iPhone 4 to 4S. There are many features on October’s iPhone 4S that we’re yet to see on the iPad 2. Applications such as Siri, a voice controlled personal assistant are unavailable on theiPad 2, whilst the current camera spec on the iPhone 4S heavily outweighs the iPad 2; 8 megapixel vs 1 megapixel respectively. Though an improved“iPad 2S” would disappoint tech lovers for a lack of advancement, the release may be a solution to provide a more affordable iPad to the masses.

Will Applehold back theiPad 3 technology until after the release of the Apple iPhone 5? An iPad 3 launch would dazzle similar technology to the iPhone 5 and could leak spoilers on 2012’s most anticipated release. Such an argument may deter against an iPad 3 launch this March, opting for an alternative release instead.There’s already talk of at least two iPad devices being released in 2012, with the possibility of an iPad Mini with 7.85 inch screen rumoured for Autumn.

When is the iPad 3 coming out?

Providing the Apple invite is for an iPad 3 launch, expect the latest tablet to arrive in the UK within the same month. The Apple iPad 2 was released in the UK on March 25th; just 18 days after its announcement.
So with less than a week to go until the Apple launch, the world anticipates the iPad 3. It’s going to be an uncomfortable wait as passionate iPad lovers twitch their fingers for the latest release. Let’s hope Wednesday 7th March offers the birth of a memorable addition to the iPad family.