It began with the Apple iPad, which made a similar impression on the tablet market that the Apple iPhone made on the smartphone market, setting the benchmark high as the one to beat. Therelease of the iPad 2 introduced improvements such as dual cameras, a slimmer and lighter design, dual core processor and iOS 5 support but what about the Apple iPad 3? The tablet competition is really hotting up now with the likes of Samsung, Asus and even Motorola closing in, so will the new iPad 3 features be enough for Apple to keep the lead? If you are looking to get hold of a tablet next year, or perhaps replace an older tablet, then the iPad 3 release date will also be important to you. And of course, with any Apple release, the secrecy that try to shroud their products with means that the Apple iPad 3 rumours are in full force.

iPad 3 rumours

As with all pre release Apple products, there are quite a few Apple iPad 3 rumours floating about, with some seeming more likely than others. One of the main questions that’s on everyone’s mind is, what iPad 3 features can we expect? Let’s start with that all important touchscreen iPad 3 display. It is likely that the iPad 3 will feature the beautiful retina display, the very same that can be found in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. A retina display is perhaps one of the most exciting Apple iPad 3 rumours, as it would provide around twice the resolution of the iPad 2. With the rumours surrounding Apple ordering display components for the iPad 3 display as we mentioned earlier, we could be in for the most picture perfect, crystal clear tablet yet.

To add to this, recently French researchers have discovered a way to create a 3D display without any additional hardware, so the icing on the cake could be a 3D iPad 3. ( This iPad 3 rumour is also supported by the fact Apple have a patent for a special kind of glasses-free 3D. Exciting, very exciting indeed. Source: T3.

**Watch this video on how glasses free 3D could potentially look on the Apple iPad 3

What about the brains of the operation?
The iPad 3 rumours concerning that all important processor? Apple are currently testing its quad-core equivalent to that tasty A5 processor which currently powers your iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Yes that’s right, all information is pointing towards an iPad 3 A6 processor. If this rumour rings true then we could see the most powerful and speedy performance from a tablet to date. Multi-Tasking will be seamless, with improved graphics and power efficiency. This is one of the iPad 3 features that Apple really need to follow through on, or they risk being taken over by the wave of other tablets heading our way in 2012.

The remaining iPad 3 features do not have quite so many rumours and tasty chunks of info concerning them but we can run you through the best of the rest. It should be quite likely that joining the rumoured quad core processor would be an improvement to the iPad 3 memory. The iPad 2 feature 512MB of RAM, doubling up from its predecessor, so we should hopefully see 1GB RAM with the iPad 3. Here at e2save, we would love to see Apple surprise us all and introduce 2GB RAM to the iPad 3, combined with the quad core processor it would truly have the making of the ultimate tablet. Another likely candidate on the iPad 3 features list due to the tablet being pre-loaded with iOS 5 would be Siri, which made its popular debut on the iPhone 4S. Apple fans and tablet enthusiasts alike are also crying out for LED flash to be included on the iPad 3 camera, after many were disappointed with the performance of the iPad 2 camera. 1080P HD video capture/playback and a hugely improved 5.0 megapixel camera have also been hinted at, which again are more iPad 3 features that we hope are confirmed (if not bettered) in the coming months.

Apple iPad 3 Design

iPad 3 design

Perhaps one of the most crucial elements to Apple will be the iPad 3 design. After the criticism following virtually no change in design between the iPhone 4 and 4S, Apple need to impress with their all important, upcoming tablet release. This is where the rumours really start to get interesting, with a mixture of information regarding the aesthetics of the iPad 3. The website BGR mentions that Apple have secured a stash of thinner batteries that as well as suggesting a thinner, lighter iPad 3 design would allow an increase in battery life. Opposing this has been reports that the iPad 3 design could in fact be thicker and increase in size to accommodate new larger light bars for its HD display. The most interesting of the iPad 3 rumours to do with its design, is that Apple will introduce an entirely new form factor. iPad 3 concept designs have been released by fans and designers alike but we would hope that Apple won’t follow the iPhone 4S route and instead give us an iPad 3 with an exciting, fresh and new look and design. Will Apple play it safe and stick with the same design of the previous two iPads, or will they take a risk and bring us something totally new? We will have to wait to find out!

iPad 3 release date

Apple iPad 3 Release Date
Apple have had a tendency (up until recently with the iPhone 4S) to follow a rhythm in the release of their iDevices. The original iPad was released in April 2010, while the iPad 2 was released towards the end of March this year but what about the iPad 3 release date? Will it follow the same Spring pattern as Apple’s previous two iPad models? There have been and news that have suggested the iPad 3 release date could experience delays. During August, there were rumours that Apple would delay the launch, due to shortages of retina displays from it’s suppliers Samsung and LG.

The confirmed production of components for the iPad 3 certainly seems to point to a Spring 2012 Apple iPad 3 release date, whilst some sources indicate it could be even earlier. Towards the start of Summer, Digitimes reported that component suppliers located in Taiwan were gearing up for production of the iPad 3. A few months later in October of this year it was reported that production would definitely begin before the end of 2011. Digitimes went on to announce that by November 2011, over 3 million panels had been shipped intended for the iPad 3. Apple’s major manufacturing partner Foxconn, is also believed to be starting production on the iPad 3 in January, which continues to support a potential first quarter iPad 3 release date. This would mean that as you are reading the article production of the iPad 3 could already be taking place!

Apple iPad 3 Wish List
Keep tuned for our Part 2 on ‘What we would like to see in the iPad 3′. We’ll be going over graphics, gaming, storage, add ons, new innovative technology and whats on our wish list. Be sure to check back.

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