Good news for all the Apple fans out there – a new iPad mini is rumoured to be released later this year. Expected to make an appearance in the Autumn time, the iPad mini would compete against the emerging range of budget tablets that are taking the world by storm. What can be expected with the iPad mini?

Apple is well known for big product launch events to go with the products they release and I have no doubt that there will be a grand unveiling launch event for the iPad mini. Amongst the rumours about the iPad mini, some suggest that it will compete head to head alongside the Amazon Kindle Fire; a popular budget tablet in America. This will be interesting as Apple are renowned for their premium priced products. A product aimed at a budget market will encourage more iOS smartphone users such as the Apple iPhone 4S, to complement their handset with an affordable tablet.

Amazon Kindle Fire - iPad mini rumours Surely if the focus is low cost, something must be compromised? As Apple will endeavour to keep their reputation as a manufacturer that creates quality products, will they generate less profit from this product? If Apple take note from the release of the Amazon Kindle Fire, they’ll observe that the product was sold at a minor loss. This money was clawed back by Amazon as users who bought a Fire went straight to the Amazon store and downloaded exclusive content for their tablet. Apple could easily integrate this strategy using an affordable iPad mini, to direct customers towards the App Store.

As you can tell by it’s rumoured name, this new iPad mini features a smaller  display size than the previous range of iPads. A smaller model will promote portability so users can carry their tablet around with them.

Expect the iPad mini to be despatched with iOS 6 built into its system. Announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference, earlier this month, many iOS 6 features for the Apple iPhone 5, will also be available for the future iPad releases including iOS Maps and Facebook integration. Siri will also be making his debut appearance to the iPad range, with the iOS 6 update.

The new iPad - Apple iPad mini blog There are also suggestions that the iPad mini features an eye blasting Retina Display as on the new iPad; Apple’s latest tablet announced earlier this year. So we can already see that this new tablet is likely to be a high quality product and still portable. It’s exciting just thinking about what it may look like!

But will the Apple iPad mini ever come to fruition? In 2010 Steve Jobs said that tablets with small screens were not sufficient enough to create good tablet apps and he also said they would be “Dead On Arrival”. This could suggest that these rumours will never come true because of Jobs’ strong views on small tablets.

On the other side, it could mean that Apple are taking a new direction in this post-Jobs era and they may be starting to release different types of products for the future. Tablets with smaller screens have proven to be popular including the Kindle Fire, BlackBerry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. So it could be possible that Apple are looking to get their feet into this competitive and ever-developing tablet market.

It’s an exciting year for Apple as the iPhone 5 is due to be released and this iPad mini could be released alongside the new smartphone. Watch this space for updates!

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