With the Apple iPad Mini rumour mill spinning into hyper speed, will Apple turn this fan rumour into reality? Steve Jobs would surely be furious to find his iPad creation available in miniature format but the Apple of 2012 can’t fail to ignore the game changing Google Nexus 7 tablets as they fly off the shelves.

With great technology, the latest Android Operating System and an affordable price tag under £200, the **Google Nexus 7**tablet has plenty of appeal. Rather than compete against Apple directly, Google have created an affordable tablet that’s much more accessible to everyone. Should Apple announce a new iPad Mini, we’ve gathered up the rumours to see how the release compares to the popular Google Nexus 7.

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Portable by Design

Similar to the Google Nexus 7 an iPad Mini would focus on providing a portable entertainment device. Manufactured by Asus, the Google Nexus 7 looks great with its textured curved back and 7 inch display.

The Apple iPad Mini design may appear like a larger iPod touch rather than a smaller iPad. Rumoured to be a 7.85 inch display with a 4:3 aspect ratio, the iPad Mini would offer plentiful space for viewing your favourite movies.

Apple iPad Mini

Processor speed – Quad core power

The Apple iPad Mini release may be one of the first Apple products to utilise the A6 chip; a quad core processor that’s ideal for multitasking. Surely Apple can’t be placing their best chip into a more affordable tablet? The Google Nexus 7 champions over the new iPad with its quad core 1.3GHz chip. If Apple wants to release an iPad Mini to prevent Google stealing market share, then they need to offer similar processing klout in their device. The A6 chip is also highly likely to appear within the Apple iPhone 5 release and run at 1.2GHz.

Operating System – iOS 6 vs Android Jelly Bean

The Google Nexus 7 already impresses with its refined Android Jelly Bean operating system. With smoother loading times and a more responsive touch screen display, Android Jelly Bean reworks the code deep within the Android Framework. There are also plenty of new Android Jelly Bean features on the Nexus 7 including Google Now and enhanced notifications. With an Autumn iOS 6 release date, the iPad Mini will arrive with the latest operating system fresh out the box. Expect to see great iOS 6 features for the Apple iPad Mini including Siri with built in UK knowledge, iOS maps and deeper Facebook integration.

iOS 6 vs Android Jelly Bean 4.1 - Apple iPad Mini

September Release Date?

Is it possible that the Apple iPad Mini is just weeks away from launch? Rumours circulating the blogosphere suggest that the tiny tablet could be synched with an Apple iPhone 5 September release date. Guaranteed to run on the latest iOS 6, Apple’s miniscule iDevice won’t be released until the latest software updates are officially launched in the autumn.

We’re pretty sure Santa will be busy filling stockings with iPad Minis this Christmas. Affordable tablets make great gifts without the need for mobile contract commitment and the last thing Apple want is the Google Nexus 7 eating up all their tablet market share. We expect the iPad mini to be announced mid-September to late October on the same day as the Apple iPhone 5.

Price – cheapest iPad ever!

With a 16GB Google Nexus 7 available for under £200, can Apple afford to keep their prices high? Should Apple release an 8GB iPad Mini we believe it will cost around the £179 price point. This may be £20 more expensive than the 8GB Google Nexus 7 but we believe Apple have the brand image and reputation to justify a higher cost. Anything price tagged under £200 is less than half the price of any iPad release, making the Apple iPad Mini more accessible to the masses.

Though there’s little money to be made in the initial tablet sale, Apple would reap in the real profits from the Mini as customers browse and download from their dedicated App Store.

Apple have a great opportunity to challenge the Google Nexus 7 tablet should they release an affordable Apple iPad Mini, let’s see what happens over the forthcoming months. For the**latest tablet deals,** choose e2save.