With the anticipated release of the Apple iPhone 5 drawing closer, a major new design is expected to breathe fresh life into the look and feel of the new iPhone. Designers and tech lovers have let their minds flow free without hesitation as the latest Apple iPhone 5 concepts highlight some great designs and pictures.

As WWDC unveiled iOS 6 features, there’s now a greater understanding of what iPhone devices such as the new iPhone 5 will be capable of over the next 12 months. The Apple iPhone 5 design is still under huge speculation and won’t be revealed until the iPhone 5 announcement expected in early Autumn. Nevertheless, here are e2saves’ favourite iPhone 5 pictures and iPhone concepts.

Transparent iPhone 5 concept

Our first iPhone Apple 5 concept from Adney films, uses natural light as the back light for one of the smartphones for 2012.

If you just can’t see the point in a transparent Apple iPhone 5 concept; think again! Such a design, is a clear win for snapping up photos or browsing through the whole host of Augmented Reality apps that are available from the iOS App Store.

Curved iPhone 5 pictures

Those who owned an Apple iPhone 3GS will remember a slightly curved back design. The latest renders by Italian designer Federico Ciccarese, takes curves to a new dimension as the iPhone 5 concept rounds off to a beautiful finish. A true touch of elegance and class!

Apple iPhone 5 pictures - iPhone 5 concepts

Projector iPhone 5 concept

This video came to fruition last year, but as Steve Jobs was widely rumoured to be working on the iPhone 5 design, we really hope this concept appears in the new iPhone 5. Projectors are proving popular in 2012, as Samsung launch their Galaxy Beam, a smartphone capable of a 50 inch projector display.

The above iPhone 5 concept goes a step further than just imagery by providing you with a fully interactive keyboard. There’s no reason why such touch projection couldn’t transform into a music instrument, art canvas or games arena to bring your apps to life!

Liquid Metal iPhone 5 pictures

Since Apple has exclusivity on Liquid metal through to 2014, can we expect the Apple iPhone 5 design to be housed in such a substance? The metal alloy, which could offer extreme protection from bumps, drops and scratches looks distant from being a reinforced bunker in Jon Fawcett’s iPhone 5 pictures. We love the style and minimalism of this iPhone 5 concept.

Apple iPhone 5 pictures - iPhone 5 concepts

What do you think the Apple iPhone 5 design will look like? Which is your favourite Apple iPhone 5 concept out of the above? Let us know from our Facebook page.