**The iPhone 5s was, and still is a brilliant smartphone. But with Samsung, Sony and HTC all improving on the smartphone front this year, how will Apple impress us with the iPhone 6? **Past iPhones haven’t blown us away with dramatic changes, but this year, Apple has gone all out, bringing us a new size, shape and a shed-load of new features. So sit back and relax as we explain exactly how the iPhone 6 will beat the iPhone 5s hands down!

iPhone 6 Design

iphone 6 vs iphone 5s design

The iPhone 5s ushered in the era of ‘real’ premium smartphones, being one of the first major handsets to boast a metal, instead of plastic, casing. And there’s no denying that every iPhone launched since 2007 has looked like it’s come straight off the runway, though the iPhone 6 has taken a slightly different turn when it comes to design, opting for a larger, rounder look. It sports a super slim waistline measuring just 6.9mm- a whole 0.7mm thinner than the iPhone 5s, plus a larger than life 4.7-inch display instead of your typical 4-inch screen. One thing that Apple has decided to keep the same is the iPhone’s colour palette; available in silver, gold and a space grey, both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 look every inch the premium smartphones they are.

Apple iPhone Specs

Already the iPhone 5s is looking like it could be completely overshadowed by the upcoming iPhone release, especially when it comes down to specs.

Behind the enlarged iPhone 6 display, we’re set to see plenty of brawn to match the iPhone 6’s beauty, starting with the amount of memory that will be available to consumers. If 64GB wasn’t enough for you, Apple has now added a 128GB version of the new iPhone to the line up, with 64GB and 16GB versions also available for a slightly lower price.

Although the iPhone 5s’s 1GB RAM is sticking around on the iPhone 6, with a new Apple  A8 chipset and larger 1.4GHz processor, there’s no stopping the iPhone 6’s power!

The all singing and dancing Touch ID is has also made an appearance on Apple’s latest iPhone. However, with critics flagging up some security issues with the iPhone 5s’ fingerprint scanner, Apple has made sure that the iPhone 6’s Touch ID is super-tight when it comes to security. Plus, Touch ID can be used to do far more now than ever before, with new features such as Apple Pay arriving on the latest handset.

Apple iSight Camera

It’s safe to say that the iPhone 5s features a one of the best rear-facing snappers on the market, despite not being a show stopper on paper. So if it ‘aint broke, why fix it? Apple has decided to stick to its guns with the loyal 8 megapixel lens, instead choosing to pack in even more technology rather than just cranking up the megapixel count.

iphone 6 camera focus

The iPhone 6’s camera boasts a totally new lens which features Focus Pixels and improved face control technology, making your photos sharper, brighter and more focused. Plus, with features like Time Lapse video added to the iPhone 5s’ Slo-Mo, Apple has added another string to the iPhone 6’s belt, allowing you to get creative with your home made movies!

iOS 7 vs iOS 8

Whilst the iPhone 5s is able to update to iOS 8 already, the iPhone 6 will come with the latest edition of Apple’s operating system already built in.

Key features of iOS 8 include a new notifications centre, the new Apple iRadio app and a beautiful new design. If you’re keen to get your hands on Apple’s latest OS, you may like our rundown of the latest iOS 8 features!

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s: The Verdict

Apple has really gone to town with the iPhone 6, changing its shape, size and adding in a number of amazing features that make it stand out from its older brother. Whilst the iPhone 5s has certainly served its purpose as the Apple frontrunner, it’s time for it to step aside and play a supporting role to the iPhone 6 this autumn.

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