Mobile phones can do pretty much anything nowadays. They can navigate your journey, arrange your personal schedule, and even help with the shopping. Give it a few years and your handset will probably even be making the dinner. But what about preparing you for the world of work?

Look a little closer at your mobile app store and you’ll notice a whole host of titles just bursting with employment potential. We scratch the surface with our run-down of the top five most vocational apps on the market today, and the job they’re most likely to set you up for.

5. Where’s My Water? – Plumber

Plumbing can be both a tricky and messy business to learn. Squatting with a drenched tea-towel on a busted pipe as you yell in panic for someone to fetch the spanner is no one’s idea of fun. Disney’s most popular app to date means that you can save money on that expensive vocational apprenticeship while learning the most important aspects of the trade – namely, providing a fastidious alligator with his daily bathtime. Meet Swampy, Disney’s first ever character designed for a mobile game. Already sitting on a host of sequels as well as his own animated web series, Swampy is poised for world domination. In the meantime, enjoy twiddling his pipes in this fantastically addictive game, and ensure your own kitchen remains as dry as a bone.

Where's My Water logo

4. Shazam – DJ

The term DJ stands for Disk Jockey, although in our digital age CDs are pretty much on their way out. MP3J may be a bit of a mouthful, but this handy app is invaluable for bulking up your digital music collection ready for the weekend. Next time you’re out and about, and hear a tasty beat tickling your lugholes, just whip out your handset and give Shazam a tap. The clever little music goblins who live inside the app will recognise the track instantly and link you to the various purchase options available. With your new music collection, you’ll be the greatest MP3J in town.

Shazam on an iphone

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3. Angry Birds – Darts Player

Where would any mobile blog be without an appearance by the #1 app of all time? Don’t listen to the detractors; Angry Birds is every bit as vocational as Linked In. Perhaps. Ok, maybe not, but if your favourite hobby is aiming small aggressive projectiles at an impassive target while expending zero physical exertion, this could be a marriage made in heaven.  Work your way through the various levels and spinoffs available, and you’ll soon be ready for your next bout with those expanding darts, or exploding darts, or jedi darts. Ok, maybe we are getting a bit carried away on this one.

Angry Birds logo

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2. Art with Friends – Artist/Illustrator

Any artist has two main desires; to create art, and to have their art seen. As most of us don’t own a gallery, this creative app scratches both itches. The drawback is that you’re more likely to end up doodling a Minion from Despicable Me rather than creating your own magnum opus. Previously known as the popular title Draw Something, this app recently received a makeover alongside a name change. This means that as well as the addictive Pictionary-style game at its centre, there are now more social aspects to allow you to showcase your masterpieces to the world. Whether you’ve created the next Mona Lisa, or just a questionable rendition of your favourite cartoon character, at least your new gallery is open for business.

Art With Friends logo

Apps are great, but are you in danger of being a Smartphone Addict?

1. Minecraft Pocket Edition – Architect

Minecraft is a global sensation. If you’ve never heard of it, then you must have had your head encased in bubble-wrap for the past four years. Alternatively, perhaps you’re just older than fourteen years of age. Prospective architects may be advised to get themselves down with the kids in this instance however, as Minecraft offers a virtual 3D pallet on which to dig, build, and construct to your heart’s content. The mobile version works just like the consoles releases, as you use textured cubes to construct your vision. It’s a bit like Lego, except you’re less likely to injure yourself by standing on it during a 2.30am bathroom trip. We advise all budding architects to spend their pocket money on this great game… or maybe just use that bubble-wrap on your feet.

Minecraft Pocket Edition logo