So, you’ve got yourself a bargain with your smartphone, saved some cash with your wallet friendly tariff but somehow you still find your bank account building cobwebs at the end of the month. But wait! Before you go and pick up a second job, find out how you could save some pennies on your current phone, with these great money saving apps for Windows Phone!


Make the most of your wi-fi with Viber.

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Let’s face it, now and then you’re likely to overshoot your monthly tariff, and you won’t thank yourself when you see your bill. So instead of risking damage to your bank balance, why not take advantage of your Wi-Fi connection with the Viber Windows Phone app?

Offering unlimited text, call and photo messaging services, Viber offers you a way of keeping in touch with your contacts without draining your monthly allowances (as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection at home).

It works similarly to Whatsapp, using your internet to send messages through the app, and even offers Live Tile functionality, so you won’t be left in the dark when you’re cruising through your home screen. Also, call quality is top notch as well, as long as your Wi-Fi isn’t too dicey of course!

Shop Savvy

Scan, compare and save with ShopSavvy.

We all like to know when we’re getting charged through the nose for something, though we don’t normally find out until after we’ve spent our cash. However, you needn’t worry about returning those goods anymore, as you can compare prices for practically anything with the Shop Savvy app.

Using your Windows Phone camera, you can scan barcodes and QR codes of items to compare them online. That means you might not have to pay over the odds for that new Blu-Ray, as you could easily find a cheaper one elsewhere.

The app even offers a direct link to most online stores to purchase items right away, which means you can even get your goods delivered. Now that’s what we call saving time and money!


No more swimming against the tide with the Kayak travel app.

Unfortunately this isn’t an app which somehow turns your Windows Phone into some kind of raft; however it does help you reach your nextdestination on the cheap. Offering comparison between hundreds of travel websites, Kayak helps you find the best deal for that soiree onto the continent, or further afield.

The Kayak app compares hundreds of deals for flights, packages and hotels alike, making sure you can watch the pennies whilst booking your next holiday. This obviously makes it the perfect app for those who often find themselves looking for their next getaway, but is also worth downloading if you’re after a one-time trip as well!

Money Wallet

Keep an eye on your outgoings with the Moneywallet app.

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Keeping a track of your incoming and outgoing cash flow can be pretty tricky, even if you’re the most stringent money saver there is! So why not download the Money Wallet app to keep an eye on your pennies?

The app is an incredibly simple personal finance assistant which lists a number of useful stats about your money. Whether you want to glance at your recent transactions or to simply know how much money is leaving your account each week, this app is the perfect addition to your Windows Phone.

Also, with password protection included, those prying eyes are kept out of your personal finances, making the app super secure!


Don't go off the rails, thanks to the RedSpottedHanky train app.

Train prices are growing to the point where they can drive us to tears, so why not dry those tears with the RedSpottedHanky app? Of course, we mean this figuratively, but it should still help ease the pain of travel costs on the UK railways!

Offering reduced ticket prices for train journeys across the country, you can make a saving on either a trip to town, or a long haul journey. Plus, the app even helps hardcore savers by linking any railcards to your account as well.

So, if you’re a frequent visitor to your local railway station, you could be in for some major savings if you pick up this Windows Phone app!