In recent years we’ve seen amateur musicians become stars, thanks to sharing platforms such as Myspace, Spotify and SoundCloud. Alongside these, there’s now also a wide range of apps designed to help musicians with all aspects of their hobby. From keeping your guitar in tune to developing your song writing skills, there’s an app to help you reach your musical goals. With so many to choose from, we’ve picked out some of the best for amateur musicians below.


Available on Android and iOS
Traditionally, you’d use a full studio set-up to record your music, but thankfully in 2021, you can do so with BandLab.

This free, music creation platform is a tool that works well for both band and individual musicians and is already used by millions worldwide. BandLab stands out as one the best music recording apps, because it features a guitar tuner, a collection of audio samples and a 12-track mixer, as well as the capacity to record your audio.

You can also develop your production skills by exploring the mix editor and using the free mastering tool to make your songs sound even smoother. There’s room for you to record multiple tracks too, and if you’re looking to try and launch your career, you can get feedback from listeners who use the platform.


Available on Android and iOS
When you pick up your instrument at the start of band practice or for the first time in a few weeks, you never know if it’ll be in tune - his is where Cleartune comes in handy.

This paid app is used by some of the world’s highest profile bands, such as Gorillaz, The Killers and The Black Keys. Cleartune functions as a pitch pipe and chromatic instrument tuner, using your smartphone’s built-in mic to accurately tune your instrument. It can be used to tune any instrument that’s capable of sustaining a note.


As you tune your instrument, you’ll see an on-screen note wheel interface that gives you a visual guide of your pitch. This is paired with a tuning meter, which will let you know when you’re in tune.

Ultimate Guitar

Available on Android and iOS
Whether you’re looking to start learning how to play guitar on your own, or are keen to boost your basics, vUltimate Guitar** is one of the best apps for musicians.

The free app gives you access to a collection of 1.4 million chords and tabs and allows you to store the ones that you’d like to work on later for offline use. Ultimate Guitar is designed to provide you with a bespoke experience, so when you start using it, you’ll be asked for your musical preferences. It’ll then recommend tabs and chords accordingly, so you’ll be able to learn how to play some of your favourite songs.

To take your guitar skills to the next level, you can upgrade to Pro. This paid service provides you with dedicated tutorials from professional guitarists.

Songwriter’s Pad

Available on Android and iOS
Everyone has a story to tell, and Songwriter’s Pad is an app that makes it easier than ever before to share that story in musical form.

This paid professional tool is useful for both musicians who are just starting to write music and those with more experience, because it can clear out any writer’s block thanks to its collection of helpful functions. These include:

• A dictionary and thesaurus – for when you’re trying to remember the meaning of a word or looking for a synonym.
• A rhyming dictionary – use a built-in search to help you find a word to compliment the rest of your lyrics.
• Generate ideas based on emotion – you can channel your current feelings into the app, creating lyrics and phrases that reflect your mood, which are then saved onto sticky notes for use.
• Record your ideas – when you’ve got an idea for a melody, all you need to do is tap record on Songwriter’s Pad’s built-in audio player, then test out your thoughts. If you ever get a spot of vocal inspiration, test it out loud and save it to the app.
• Add beats to your track – develop your songs by importing beats or full pre-existing instrumental tracks.
• Combine your lyrics with chords – chords can be intuitively paired with your lyrics.

Band Mule

Available on Android and iOS

Ideal for busy musicians with practices and gigs to schedule, Band Mule is a free app which helps with organisation, thanks to its helpful collaborative calendar feature

Band Mule is helpful for keeping all your band-related tasks in one place. You can use it to plan gigs, manage your set lists, and chat with the other members of the group.


You can also upload MP3s and share files with your bandmates by subscribing to the premium service. Only one user needs to do this for the whole band to have access to these additions.

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