Life can be overwhelming for all of us sometimes, but luckily there’re plenty of apps out there that can help us manage the trials and tribulations of everyday life and bring us back to the present moment.

Mindfulness is the practice of taking time out to be fully present, recognising, focusing, and giving time to your own thoughts and feelings. So, whether you practise mindfulness regularly, or you’re simply looking for new ways to take time out to manage stress or relationships, here are some of our favourite mental well-being apps - available on both iOS and Android.

1). Headspace

From beginners to more experienced meditators, Headspace is the must-have app for anyone looking to improve their daily mindfulness. Learn the art of meditating thanks to Headspace’s quick and easy to follow meditation sessions. Choose from a variety of teachers who will talk you through the meditation process with techniques for you to practise. You can even join a class in real-time with other Headspace users, as sessions run every thirty minutes, and the app shows you precisely how many people joined.


Need help getting to sleep? Headspace is packed with hundreds of short stories and nature sounds for you to relax and unwind to. Plus, the minimal buffering, smooth user interface and option to download your favourites means this app works with or without Wi-Fi too.

2). Insight Timer

Designed with over 80,000 free meditation guides and thousands of dedicated teachers – you can browse an entire library right at your fingertips. There’re plenty of topics to choose from too, such as coping with anxiety, managing stress, relationships and improving your sleep.


Insight Timer works in a similar way to Headspace, in that you can become a part of the meditation community by meditating in real-time with others. You can even create your own meditating circle and invite friends and family to join you – wherever they are in the world. Insight Timer is a discussion platform too, which means you can interact with other Insight Timer users to share some words of wisdom, your favourite mindfulness techniques or even a poem.

3). Calm

Calm is another great app for putting your mental well-being first. Pick from a selection of guided meditations and sleep stories on an app that is designed to help you sleep, relax, or focus. Unwind to the ‘Daily Calm’ sessions and find your inner peace.These ten-minute streams are uploaded every day and will introduce you to new ways of dealing with stress, as well as different mindfulness concepts.


Plus, you can choose from a selection of exclusive music from big named artists such as Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith. There’s even a selection of ‘sleep stories’ narrated by more famous names, including Cillian Murphy and Idris Elba.

4). Simple Habit

If you’re someone with a busy schedule, then Simple Habit is the ideal mindfulness app for you. Sneak in five minutes of meditation during a stressful day. Whether you’re on-the-go or taking some time in the day to relax – these bite-sized sessions are useful in relieving any of life’s pressures.


Another feature that makes Simple Habit so unique is the vast library of categories available. From dealing with back aches to helping you fall asleep after a bad dream, there’s something to suit everyone’s needs.

5). Aura

Described as Spotify for mindfulness, Aura provides you with an array of topics on whatever area you’d like to focus on, such as dealing with stress, anxiety, or insomnia.


Cultivated by meditation experts and therapists, there’s a lot to explore with Aura. Meditation tracks, including the soothing sounds of nature or the ambience of waves crashing are highly effective in reducing your stress and anxiety. As with many mindfulness apps, there’s an array of meditation topics for you to experience, from three-minute to thirty-minute meditations – it’s an excellent de-stress tool.

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