No matter how many flashy features your phone can boast- from fingerprint scanners to cameras with crazy megapixels- there’s no point having a smartphone at all if it can’t last the day before dying a low- battery-induced death.

So if you’re tired of carrying around a spare phone charger or rushing home to find the nearest plug socket, you might want to grab one of these best handsets to make sure you’re on top when it comes to smartphone battery life.

Nokia Lumia 635

Kicking things off is the Nokia Lumia 635. Not your typical top of the range flagship handset, this Nokia handset offers over 9 and a half hours of on screen action, which, considering you’re unlikely to be glued to your smartphone all day long, is a great effort on the battery front!

Its 4.5-inch display and 134 gram body is powered by its 1800mAh juice box, which, for a mid-range handset with a more than affordable price tag, is a strong offering from Nokia.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Now we’re onto the big guns, in more way than one. Samsung’s latest Note handset, the Note 4, not only features a larger than life 5.7-inch screen, but it also boasts a massive 3220mAh battery to power it too.

And if that’s not enough for you, this giant phablet even provides you with an Ultra Power Saving mode, which can eke out your battery for an extra half a day when it’s dwindling at 5-10%.

Sony Xperia Z3 compact

The Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, the smaller version of the Z3, might be small but it’s definitely mighty when it comes to its power pack. Although its 2600mAh cell might be smaller than that of the Note 4, its smaller processor and 4.7-inch display means that there’s less to power in comparison, leaving you with more precious time with your smartphone.

Even when your juice levels are running a little low, the Z3 compact will prompt you to put it into STAMINA mode, which turns off all background apps to give you an extra few hours until you get to a power point. And if you’re really desperate for your device to outlive the day, you can switch on the ultra STAMINA mode, which turns off all unnecessary apps and features, keeping the Z3 Compact going for up to a week!

Motorola Moto E

For a handset of its calibre, you can’t get much better than the Moto E from Motorola. On testing, the Moto E can withstand medium to heavy use for a day and a half without crying out for a top up, which isn’t bad for a budget handset.

Similarly to some of your more expensive handsets, the Moto E also offers a power saving mode in case you find yourself a little short of juice.

Samsung Galaxy S6

No list can be complete without the Samsung Galaxy S6. Similarly to the Note 4, the S6’s phablet cousin, the S6 boasts an impressive 2550mAh battery which is sure to see you through the day, and then a bit more.

And, luckily, the Ultra Power Saving mode makes its way onto the Galaxy S6, allowing you to get even more out of your handset.

Sony Xperia E3

The Sony Xperia E3, just like the Z3 Compact, is another great mobile for your battery life. Despite its teeny tiny price tag, the E3 sports a 2330mAh cell, which is big enough to power a much larger- and pricier- handset.

And would you believe that the Xperia E3 will last for up to two whole days without charge? Now that’s far more than you’d expect from such a glam, budget smartphone!

iPhone 6 Plus

Last but not least is the iPhone 6 Plus. Known for its premium build and unique operating system, it’s hardly surprising to see that an iPhone stands up well in the battery department too. And for this accolade it’s the turn of the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s own entry into the phablet market.

With a 5.5-inch screen and a mighty 1.4GHz processor to power, there’s no surprise that Apple has made sure that the 6 Plus can live up to whatever you throw at it. It might not boast any fancy juice saving features, but with its 2915mAh cell in tow, what’s the need?!

Longest battery life phone?

As things go, getting the best battery life phone usually comes with a hefty price tag. But whatever your budget, there’s sure to be a smartphone with the best battery life that suits you down to the ground! So next time you find yourself running in the direction of the nearest power socket, relax, and maybe think about investing in one of these handsets…

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