Smartphone specs are all well and good – but sometimes, all we want is a device which can take a half decent picture during a family holiday. So with MWC shining a brief but lovely light over the technology market, what were the best camera phones on show?

We’re going to take a look at some of the bigger (and smaller) smartphones which wowed the crowds with their ability to capture some of the best shots. So if you’re in need of a new camera toting handset, maybe you should consider these five devices!

Curved Screen Camera: Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 Camera

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By far the most popular smartphone at the event, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge didn’t just look the part – packing some of the best cameras at MWC. Both handsets squeeze in 16 megapixel lenses on their back sides, as well as boasting 5 megapixel front facing cameras.

The majority of the power comes from the software that Samsung has included with the S6 camera however. With numerous improvements making the S6 more than suitable for making the cut at the end of your selfie stick!

Launching in just 0.7 seconds, Samsung’s latest camera is perfect if you constantly find yourself bemoaning missed chances to add to your Instagram feed. Also, with OIS, fast tracking and auto focus all included you can take advantage of its great performance as well.

Finally, Samsung is also flexing its low-light muscles by packing in an f1.9 aperture – which should at least make those obligatory ‘night out’ snaps slightly more legible.

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HTC One M9: The Best Camera Phone yet?

HTC One M9

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HTC’s new flagship phone, the One M9 offers plenty of improvement over the much-maligned One M8 camera. Ditching the dual-camera set-up from last year, the One M9 features a full blooded 20 megapixel lens on its back side, whilst featuring an UltraPixel effort to the front.

HTC’s taking a rather strange approach with its latest camera – emulating the human eye in an effort to upgrade its performance. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to take it to the opticians when it gets on a bit – but it does mean you’ll be getting better photo quality.

The front facing UltraPixel effort is also ideal for serial selfie snappers – offering improved low light performance which should help avoid those noisy photos which are common among front lenses. Of course, HTC has also packed in numerous camera apps for us to play with as well – so you can get creative with your photos as well!

Underwater Camera Phone! Xperia M4 Aqua…

M4 Aqua Camera

Ever wanted to take pictures underwater? Admittedly it wasn’t at the top of our list of desirable smartphone features either – but it’s still pretty cool. The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua offers this feature along with its 13 megapixel rear snapper, as well as providing a decent front lens as well.

Sony’s excellent camera history is in full play with its latest waterproof smartphone – offering up their much-loved features alongside a high quality sensor. Superior Auto is the camera app which comes as standard on the Xperia phone, automatically adjusting to match numerous conditions, effectively doing most of the work for you!

Sony’s wide-angled front facing lens also covers a massive 88 degree field of view, which is much larger than most other smartphones on the market. This might sound like jargon, but when you avoid cutting the top of your partner’s head with your next selfie you’ll be thankful!

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Lenovo Vibe Shot – The Best Camera Phone You’ve Never Heard of!

Lenovo Vibe Shot

Not the biggest name smartphone to make the trip to MWC by any means, but it definitely surprised plenty of us with its point and click camera style. It’s safe to say that it definitely looks the part, and it’s arguably the most practical of all of the phones in this list, packing a physical camera button.

On paper it looks like a winner as well, sporting a 16 megapixel rear lens and a super powerful 8 megapixel front facing effort as well. What we liked most about it however was the user-friendly camera UI, which looks good and works incredibly fast.

Plenty of added extras are included as well, with fast auto focus, tri-colour flash and OIS all there. Also, packing a Pro and Smart photo mode, you can put as little or as much effort as you’d like into your next photo.

Mid-Range Super-Snapper: Microsoft Lumia 640 XL!

640 XL Camera

While the new Microsoft phone might not look quite as flashy as the likes of the Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9, it still earns its place in this list with its great budget camera. Packing a 13 megapixel lens with Carl Zeiss Optics (famous for the Lumia 1020’s phenomenal performance), the Microsoft Lumia 640 XL performs scores ahead of its mid-range label.

A 5 megapixel wide-angled lens is plenty powerful as well, providing more than enough quality to keep any Snapchat addict pleased. Also, with autofocus and an LED flash being available for Lumia 640 XL users – you’ll be surprised just how good the snaps will be coming from this smartphone.

Finally, with the Lumia Camera app available from the get-go, you can rely on the 640 XL to offer a simple and clean interface to help guide you through your next smartphone snap!

So, if your smartphone contract is coming to an end and you’re after a fancy snapper – why not give these front runners for the best camera phone on the market a go?