Widely considered the king of the budget market, you’re more likely to find a Huawei handset in the bargain basket of your high street store rather than alongside more recognisable flagship phones. But unlike those crummy VHS videotapes which typically find a home at the bottom of these baskets, Huawei’s smartphones are actually pretty good.

So if you’ve somehow come across two of these brilliant bargain handsets during your latest smartphone search, which one should you choose? Lucky for you, we’ve decided to try and help you out with this Huawei comparison – because we’re nice like that!

Smartphone Screen on a Shoestring

Huawei Y635

You might as well cast away that idea of having a HD display if you’re really planning on counting the pennies with your next smartphone. But even though you won’t be getting that crisp and sharp screen, you’ll still be getting some quality from both Huawei smartphones.

Unlike other cheaper displays, which often bring tears to our eyes with their colourless and blurry results – Huawei has gone for a ‘no more tears’ approach.

The Y635 is definitely the bigger of the two, rocking a full 5-inch display which isn’t too shabby considering its cheap and cheerful price tag. The Y550 is slightly smaller at 4.5-inches, but does offer an identical level of sharpness, so you can still see those Snapchats clearly.

Brightness is never an issue with either smartphone either, putting it scores ahead of some budget smartphones which aren’t exactly retina friendly.

Whilst you won’t be getting that flashy media playback quality you might find on the iPhone 6 or LG G4, both Huawei handsets are more than capable of letting you watch a full film on their displays. However, we’d definitely side with the Y635 if you plan on watching anything too long – thanks mainly to the extra half an inch of wiggle room.

Affordable Smartphone Design at its Finest!

Huawei Phones

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Neither of these Huawei phones will be winning any beauty pageants in the near future, that’s for sure. But what they lose in flashy looks, they gain in pure practicality.

That means you can forget about fancy glass-panel construction or aluminium trims, but what you will be getting is a solid and simple design to play with regardless of which Huawei phone you choose. The Y635 is definitely more of a pocket-filler for obvious reasons, whilst the Y550 is slightly more manageable, but both are a suitable size.

Huawei is also taking a page from the 90s Nokia book, as both the Y635 and Y550 won’t be breaking after they learn what gravity is all about – as is accustom with all smartphones at one point or another. You might have to stuff the removable battery from each one back into their respective slots but this is no biggie compared to some of the smartphone smashes we’ve seen before now.

Of course, there’s nothing too special in either design, but that’s exactly what you want from this kind of handset. So if you’re in need of a no thrills smartphone that won’t need a bulky case to keep it safe – either Huawei phone should do the job.

Fancy Features on a Budget

Huawei Y550

Both phones have been cutting it close for a while, and they do so again when it comes to that shiny new 4G connection mobile phone networks keep yapping on about. Both phones offer to give you the fastest way of constantly refreshing your Facebook feed with 4G support, but the Y635 handset packs an ace in the hole.

NFC, or near field communications, is pretty much like a short range Bluetooth connection which doesn’t cripple your battery within 20 minutes. It’s ideal for linking with speakers, storage devices and other technology goodies, and it’s only the Y635 that packs it in this battle.

Behind the scenes there’s very little that’s telling between these affordable buddies – with the same battery and cameras (both of which are fairly average) making the cut. One small problem we did face was the scrawny 4GB storage each phone packs as standard, a fair chunk of which is used up by the Android operating system. You can add to this with a memory card, so unless you have some kind of aversion to music and pictures, you’ll probably need to splash the cash on one.

KitKat or Lollipop?

Lollipop vs KitKat

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Unfortunately, we’re not discussing our favourite sweets (for the record, it would be a KitKat), but instead the operating system that you get on each Huawei handset.

The Y635 is the younger sibling, and packs the more recent Lollipop update behind the scenes and is also topped off by Huawei’s own user interface. The Y550 on the other hand, uses the older KitKat system, with a slightly different interface to boot.

Both are fairly similar in general, but the newer system is obviously the better one. Huawei could always update the Y550 at some point, but you could be waiting a while for that to happen if you do rest your hopes on that.

Which is the Best Huawei Phone?

The real question is pretty simple, are you happy stumping up some extra cash for a bigger screen? If you are, then the Y635 (which is around £25 more than the Y550) is where you should invest your money.

Otherwise, as long as you’re not too bothered dealing with an aging KitKat operating system, then the Y550 should be ideal – especially seeing as it will save you a couple of quid as well! Want to get your mitts on either handset, follow us on Facebook and we’ll keep you up-to-date.