Do you remember the days when you would ponder for hours over CDs and tapes to create the perfect New Year’s Eve atmosphere? Perhaps you would give up trying to think of all the songs you’d like to play, and just stick with whatever the radio dealt you?

Well, as we welcome 2019, times have definitely changed. We’ve found some of the best pre-organised New Year playlists, so you can spend less time worrying about which tunes to cue and more time dancing.

New Year’s 2019 – Spotify

This playlist has a great mix of this year’s hits and some fantastic chart toppers from years gone by. It’s got everything from Chainsmokers to Stevie Wonder, so there’s always going to be something for everyone – perfect for a family party where the kids and grandparents are having a boogie all together.


Happy New Year by BBC Music Magazine – Apple Music

If you’re looking for something a bit more vintage, this might be the playlist for you. This playlist has put together the best classical and jazz tracks for your party so you can relax and welcome in the new year with a lovely glass of wine and some nibbles.

Vevo Hot This Week 2019 – YouTube

Maybe your bash is at home? You can pop this playlist on the telly and enjoy the iconic music videos as well as the tunes. This playlist is great to get you dancing to this year’s best hits, so if you’re looking for something relevant and some great videos to enjoy, look back on 2018 with the Vevo Hot This Week 2019 playlist.


Spotify Wrapped 2018

If you’re a regular Spotify Premium user – why not go a little more personal? Spotify Wrapped gives you a playlist of all your favourite tunes from the year, perfect for some 2018 reflection. What’s better than a playlist you know you’ll love that requires absolutely no effort?

New Year’s Eve Dinner Party – Apple Music

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little classier? This playlist is perfect for your wine and dine party – from Nina Simone to Frank Sinatra, you’ll be sure to enjoy these elegant sounds. A great playlist for a grown-up party.


Ultimate Kids Party Playlist – Spotify

Need something to get the kids tired out at your New Year’s party? We’ve got the perfect playlist for you. Crack on these kids’ party favourites and you’ll be sure to get them on their feet – great if you’re wanting them in bed shortly after midnight to enjoy some New Year’s peace and quiet.

NYE Party Anthems - Spotify

Finally, if your party is going to be very energetic, with lots of dancing and jolliness, pop this playlist on for some classic tracks to get you on the dancefloor. You can expect to hear from the likes of Destiny’s Child, Miley Cyrus and OutKast, so if you’re looking to let loose and get wild, this is the one for you.


However you choose to bring in the New Year, you can find the perfect playlist for your party across a number of streaming platforms. And if you’re after a new device to stream from, check out e2Save for some great smartphone deals.