**The Finnish phone manufacturer might have broken back onto the smartphone scene with its range of Lumia smartphones, but ask anyone on the street, and they’ll tell you it’s Nokia’s old school handsets which make the manufacturer so popular. **

So join us as we take a walk down the memory lane of classic Nokia phones…

Nokia 9000 Communicator

**nokia 9000 communicator

First up on the list is the incredible 9000 Communicator, launched in 1996. Although it’s not one of the most recognisable Nokia phones, the 9000 Communicator is undoubtedly one of the most groundbreaking ever released, providing for the business market before BlackBerry had even reared its head.

The handset offered all of the same features as your typical personal computer, including email, web browsing, spreadsheets and word processing. In essence, the Nokia 9000 Communicator resembled a smartphone before the word was even invented! Ok, so it may have weighed a hefty 400g and featured a black and white display, but in 1996, what else could you wish for?

Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210

Here’s where we really start to get nostalgic. The Nokia 3210 was without a doubt the best Nokia phone of all time, if not, the best phone of all time full stop. Anyone who was anyone had a Nokia 3210, and if you didn’t, you certainly wanted one!

No, the phone didn’t receive email, offer apps, a camera or let you catch up on your favourite movies online. But what it did offer was simple: you could make calls, text super quickly using T9 (remember that?) and last the week on a single charge. And let’s not forget Snake- the single most popular game of all time which came as standard on the 3210!

Perhaps the best feature of the Nokia 3210, however, is its removable cases. Thousands of customisable cases were sold during the noughties, from colourful shades, sparking gems and textured effects, to your favourite Disney characters, football team and chocolate bar!

**Nokia **3310

Nokia 3310

Bouncing off the back of the Nokia 3210, Nokia launched the 3310 in 2000 and sold 126 million units worldwide.

The 3310 developed a similar cult following as the 3210, and caused a storm with its range of games and features, which included a reminder function, a calculator, and, wait for it, Snake II. It also pushed the boundaries of text protocol, allowing users to send messages that were three times longer than your average text message!

Nokia N95

**Nokia N95

Stepping forward to 2007 we have the Nokia N95. The main stand out feature from this handset has got to be its two way sliding mechanism. You heard us right: the phone doesn’t just swipe up like your typical noughties swipe phone, but it also slides downwards too, revealing a secret set of media playback controls.

Swiping mechanism aside, the phone sports a 5 megapixel camera kitted out with Carl Zeiss optics, GPS, email, and a portable media player. The only downside: the Nokia N95 was launched with a whopping price tag of £370!

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Nokia Lumia 1020

**Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia certainly hasn’t lost its sense of fun, launching its modern day Lumia range in a number of vibrant colours. And the Finnish company hasn’t stopped investing in features either, offering a massive 40 megapixel snapper on the Lumia 1020.

Teamed with Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, the 1020 embodies all that Nokia is about into a modern and functional smartphone.

Nokia X

**Nokia X

Returning right back to the present day, we are joined by the Nokia X. Although it might not sit at the top of the tree in terms of specs and features, the X offers a unique approach to the Android market.

In a contrast from the Lumia range from Nokia, the X runs a forked version of Android teamed with a Windows Phone edge, making the whole handset completely one of a kind.  And it’s this unique operating system and colourful body that makes the phone truly stand out, which, at the end of the day, is what Nokia has always been about.

Best Nokia phone?

So there you have it, our selection of the best Nokia phones of all time. So whether you’re standing by your classic Nokia handset, or are enthusiastic about the latest colourful phones from the Finnish manufacturer, there’s no denying that Nokia offers the most nostalgic selection of mobile phones!

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