**Whether your musical tastes sit within the popular tracks in the chart show or the more obscure realms of epic doom metal, having a top quality device to listen to your tunes is at the top of your list when it comes to buying a new smartphone. **So if you’re tired of lugging around separates when it comes to your mobile, music player and speakers, you might want to opt for a music loving phone. And lo and behold, here are 5 such handsets which are sure to make any music lover’s heart sing…

HTC One mini 2: dual-frontal speakers

The HTC One mini 2 is one of HTC’s latest additions to the One range. Sporting not one, but two frontal speakers, the One mini 2 is the perfect smartphone for any music fanatic.

Whilst all other music phones hide their speakers on the rear side of the handset, making any sound muffled, the One mini 2 plays your tunes loud and clear. What’s more, the One mini 2, just like it’s big brother the One M8, actually amplifies your music even more than the already impressive HTC One.

Another plus for the One mini 2 is that it’s small; although you could opt for any of the HTC One range thanks to their amazing audio kit, the One mini 2 at 4.5-inches is small, meaning you can slip it into your pocket wherever you are.

Nokia 630: Nokia MixRadio

On a similar note -excuse the pun- the Nokia Lumia 630 is another fun mobile that’s perfect for any loud music lovers. Similarly to the HTC One range, Nokia’s Lumia phones all boast a number of audio features including built -in music players and music apps.

On top of the usual media players, the Lumia 630 features Nokia’s MixRadio, which is anything but an ordinary radio service. MixRadio works by choosing music especially for your tastes based on what you listen to most regularly. Not only does it mix up your regular playlists, but it is also a great way of introducing new artists to your repertoire.

Plus with Nokia’s Cloud offline playback, you can listen to all of your favourite songs on the go, whether you’re jumping on the bus or out on a jog around the park!

Sony Xperia Z3

If you know anything about technology, then you’ll be aware that Sony is one of the big dogs when it comes to gaming, photography and audio. So when building its latest range, Sony made sure to give the Z3 an extra boost when it came to its sound player and the Xperia Z3 music app.

With built-in noise cancelling technology, the Sony Xperia Z3 music player lets you zone out the world around you and listen to your favourite artists in fantastic detail. On top of that Sony has developed Clear Audio technologies in order to minimise distortion to your music so you can really rock out.

And it’s not just in the Xperia Z3’s audio technology that Sony excels with; a set of dual mobile phone speakers (similar to the HTC One mini 2), provide the perfect backing track for singing your tunes out loud!

iPhone 5c: iTunes

Now you wouldn’t expect any music smartphone list to be complete without the iPhone making an appearance. And whilst all of Apple’s iPhones offer a great audio experience and music apps, the iPhone 5c in particular stands out from the crowd thanks to its colourful outer casing.

The main feature that makes the iPhone 5c one of the best phones for music addicts is iTunes- and as there’s no iTunes app for Android, it makes iTunes on the iPhone  the best app for downloading music. Whether you’re an existing iPhone owner or not, the Apple iTunes store is undoubtedly the best place to house your songs across multiple devices.

Plus, with so many wireless speakers and docking stations around especially for iPhones, having an iPhone 5c could make your audio experience even better!

Samsung Galaxy S5: Group Play

When it comes to smartphone features, Samsung is your turn-to manufacturer. And when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5’s music player, this is no different.

Samsung’s Group Play feature, which first graced the S4 handset last year, is perfect for those who love sharing music with their nearest and dearest. The way it works is simple: put one or more Samsung Galaxy smartphone featuring Group Play next to each other and the devices will turn into stereo speakers, amplifying your sound like never before. Here’s to getting the party started!

So what is the best phone for music?

Now we’ve done the hard work in laying out the top 5 phones for music lovers- now it’s your turn! Which is the best phone for music? You decide!

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