**We’ve all been there; you’ve had a long day dealing with emails and phone calls which have slowly chipped away at your already struggling smartphone battery – then at the worst possibly moment, it all grinds to a halt. **So, why not pick up one of the best portable phone chargers to stop you running out of juice ever again?

When it comes to battery saving gadgets, there are an absolute tonne to wade through, varying from the cheap and cheerful, down to the real bank account breakers. So, to help you out, we’ve managed to bring together a list of five of the best portable phone chargers you can buy! So, before you go on the hunt for your nearest plug socket, why not check out these battery saving gadgets?

Kit Power Bank – £12.99

![Kit Power Bank](http://media.e2save.com/images/community/2015/04/Kit-Power-Bank.jpg)Bank you very much!
A pretty simple and stylish battery gadget to get us going, the Kit Power Bank is ideal for users who need an extra 100% battery life for their smartphones without splashing the cash. Supplying a full 2000mAh (that’s around the size of a smaller smartphone battery), all you need to do is plug it into your phone and it will get down to work.

Fitting in any bag, purse or pocket, the Kit Power Bank looks good and doesn’t weigh you down – making it one of the best battery gadgets for casual mobile users. It charges your phone quickly, and doesn’t require hours of time to recharge itself, so you won’t be left waiting for it before you head out.

Lucky for you, we also happen to stock this battery saving gadget! So why not buy the Kit Power Bank here?

Mophie Space Pack (for iPhone) – £100

![Mophie Space Pack](http://media.e2save.com/images/community/2015/04/Mophie.jpg)Mophie Space Pack – out of this world
Going from one extreme to the other, this battery boosting gadget isn’t the cheapest by any stretch of the imagination – but it’s well worth the money. Practically doubling your iPhone 6 battery, the Mophie Space Pack also offers up to 128GB extra storage as well.

This means that as well as keeping your battery topped up, you’ll also be able to deal with that dwindling memory which is no doubt filled with music, pictures and apps you haven’t got round to deleting. Of course, this case works exclusively with the iPhone 6, but you can also find numerous cases that do a similar job for plenty of other smartphones as well!

So, if you’re finding yourself dealing with both battery and memory problems on your mobile phone (and don’t mind parting with £100), why not consider this mobile accessory?

Of course you could just go for an iPhone with a massive capacity. How about the impressive iPhone 6 128GB on contract?

EE Power Bar – 35p*

![EE Power Bar](http://media.e2save.com/images/community/2015/04/EE-Power-Bar.jpg)Juice up, at the Power Bar
That’s right, you read correctly – the EE Power Bar comes at the bargain price of just 35p, as long as you’re on the EE network. However, there’s no reason to fear if you aren’t with Kevin Bacon’s 4G favouring network, as you can get the same piece of kit (all perks included) for just £20.

You might be wondering what kind of perks we’re talking about, and that all comes down to the EE Power scheme coming this spring. After signing up with your 35p or £20, you can head into any EE store to pick up your Power Bar to stay topped up when you’re on the go. And once this extra juice is depleted, simply take it to any nearby branch to replace it for a fully charged one!

This means that you should never run out of charge – as long as you’re in a populated area during opening hours that is. Plus, you can even take the charger home and fill it back up yourself.

Safe to say that this should help us cope without those Orange Wednesday codes the company used to supply us with!

Powermat – £17

![Powermat](http://media.e2save.com/images/community/2015/04/Powermat.jpg)Powermat multi-charge
Sometimes it isn’t just our smartphone’s battery that’s beginning to wane, resulting in massive panic trying to recharge multiple devices at once through a single plug socket. Not to worry – the Powermat can help you out!

Costing under £20, the Powermat looks exactly as you’d expect – effectively being a mat to place your low battery devices upon. This means that you aren’t left struggling managing multiple cables – one of which is bound to have tangled to astronomical levels.

While it might not be very portable, the Powermat is definitely useful for charging when you’re at home, and still costs a relatively small amount of cash.

Remember, of course, it will only work with devices that are wireless-charging compatible, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is available on jaw-dropping pay-monthly deals today.

EC Technology Powerbank – £35

![EC Technology Powerbank](http://media.e2save.com/images/community/2015/04/EC-Tech.jpg)EC Technology Powerbank – leading the charge
If you’re heading out on a trip which lasts upward of 48 hours, it’s not likely that any standard mobile battery gadget is going to stand up to the task. Step in the EC Technology Powerbank – which sports a humungous 22,400mAh capacity (equal to 1000% of the standard mobile battery).

Offering to soldier through 10 full recharges, if used respectfully, this best portable phone charger nominee can last you two weeks without a plug socket. Plus, it’s not unmanageable to handle either- making it ideal for trips and holidays.

Admittedly, weighing in at almost half a kilogram – you won’t be going for a jog with the Powerbank in your pocket, but it will fit in any bag alongside your toothbrush without issue. Also, the battery saving device offers two separate ports which allow it to simultaneously charge multiple devices, be it a smartphone or tablet. Plus, even when charging two handsets, the gadget still stays nice and cool, so you needn’t worry about leaving it to do its thing unattended.

Simply put, if you’re after a hard-core battery gadget that won’t fold under the pressure – there’s little that can compete with this monster, especially at this sort of price.