Gaming is no longer restricted to chunky consoles which take up monstrous amounts of space below your TV. In fact, mobile gaming is becoming one of the leading forms of entertainment, especially when you’re out and about. But what is the best smartphone for gaming?

Which mobile devices should you look to buy if you fancy answering the Call of Duty or simply sending some Angry Birds to an early demise? Well hopefully this short guide should help you find out!

What is the Best Smartphone for Gaming?

Ideal for those long winded commutes, or if you’ve gone shopping with the other half and they insist on spending half an hour in the fitting room. Gaming on a smartphone has never been bigger than it currently is, but which phone should you get?

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus Gaming

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Not a cheap option, but definitely the best smartphone for gaming from Apple. The iPhone 6 Plus sports a massive 5.5” Retina HD display which gives you more than enough screen space to enjoy a quick game of Flappy Bird.

Also, with Apple’s own Metal technology, you can experience console style graphics through the larger iPhone handset. Plus, with a rather sizeable battery making the cut as well – the gaming will never be cut short!

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

If you don’t fancy splashing the cash on a fully fledged flagship handset then the Z3 Compact is a great option.

It might not offer the largest display, but the Xperia Z3 Compact’s connectivity features with the PlayStation 4 are perfect for gaming fans. Also, whilst the price is deflated, its specs certainly aren’t – giving you plenty of power to get the game going when you’re out and about.

Sony’s Triluminos display also gives a great view for gamers, whether they’re engrossed in a game of FIFA or simply guiding Sonic the Hedgehog through his latest challenge.

Moto G 2nd Gen

Moto g 4g

Perfect for those who fancy keeping their bank balance in good shape, the Moto G 2nd Gen smartphone is one of the best phones for gaming for less than £150. Whilst its specs won’t compete with some of the other much pricier phones on the list, the Moto G still performs ably enough to make it a great smartphone for gaming.

Its large 5” HD display makes the handset perfectly suited for mobile gaming, whilst a decent set of speakers is also a welcome addition. So, if you’re looking after the pennies the new Moto G may be your best bet!

Mobile Phone/Games Console Compatibility

Whilst mobile gaming through apps is growing, we’ll always have home-based games consoles sitting beneath our TVs. Luckily, console manufacturers are now creating technology to link our phones to them seamlessly – with Sony leading the way.

Remote Play on the PlayStation 4 is currently the only available service that truly allows you to bring your console gaming experience to your smartphone or tablet. It works with the aforementioned Z3 Compact, Xperia Z3 and Xperia Tablet range.

Remote Play

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The feature works by connecting to your console through your home internet connection, allowing you use your phone as a screen to view your games. So, if you ever have day-long arguments about the TV being hogged by your gaming addiction, this should appease those problems somewhat! Plus, you can even clip your Sony smartphone to your PS4 controller for added portability!

Microsoft is aiming to introduce a similar feature to its Windows Phone devices sometime in the future, but there’s been no confirmed release date for this feature just yet. So for now, it looks like Xbox fans might have to wait a while before they can sport their own portable gaming service like Sony.

VR Gaming

Why simply play a game when you can actually become the game? That’s what virtual reality devices are promising – and it looks very intriguing.

Imagine actually being at the wheel of a rally car, or being right in the thick of a medieval sword fight- all whilst sitting in your front room. This is the real potential being held within VR headsets, and whilst this isn’t quite here just yet, it’s definitely on its way.

HTC Vive

Built in partnership with gaming company Valve – you know that the HTC Vive is going to be heavily based in gaming when it arrives.

Packing individual screens in front of each eye, the Vive is promising to have you actually see the bullets fly fast your head when you hit the online battlefield. Plus, with a custom game controller set to be included, you won’t be relying on your phone to guide you through your VR experience either!

HTC Vive

Samsung Gear VR

Aiming toward the virtual reality phone angle – the Samsung Gear VR works by letting you pop in your Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge, S6 or S6 Edge into the front of the headset. This then acts as the screen, bringing gaming closer than ever!

Gear VR offers a ridiculously large 96 degree viewing angle, effectively giving you in-game peripheral vision to help you keep a track of all those pesky enemies you might encounter on your gaming travels.

Console Ready VR

Currently Sony and Microsoft are working with different VR headsets for their traditional games consoles, with the Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens. Both offer slightly different experiences – but neither are ready just yet either, so you’ll have to wait for these before you start spending hours on end inside your games consoles.

Both VR headsets look very interesting however, with Sony focusing on standard VR with the Rift, whilst Microsoft is mixing augmented reality with VR to allow for 3D projections onto a physical background. This basically means you could be spending hours building a Minecraft world in your own living room (if that’s something you’re into!).

Either way, virtual reality isn’t going to be going away – whether you want it with your smartphone or your games console!