Christmas shopping can be stressful. Finding the right price, then keeping track of what you (and others) have already bought, and finally sticking to a budget can all be a challenge.

That’s why we’ve found five great apps to make Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year. The best part? They're all available for free on both iOS and Android.


Giftster is a great app for organising Christmas presents. Use Giftster to create shopping lists that you can keep private, make public, or work on collaboratively in a group.


You, and any others with access to the list, can change the status of gifts as they are bought in real time – meaning no more duplicate gifts on Christmas day. You can also create lists where the list maker cannot see the status of the gifts – great if friends and family make a wishlist that you and others are using to help you shop.

Giftster is a handy way to get organised this Christmas and make sure your gifts are spot on - hit download and use it for other occasions too, like birthdays or special work events.


Many of us embark on the dreaded Christmas trip to a busy city centre in December, searching for great gifts for our friends and family.

As a driver, the journey can be stressful and expensive before you even hit the shops – you can end up spending more time searching (and paying) for parking than you do wandering round looking for a great Christmas deal.

AppyParking can help. Search for different parking spaces and find something closer to your intended destination for a better price. You’ll never miss the parking restrictions and end up with a ticket either – ** AppyParking** can let you know where, how much and how long you can park in your chosen spot.


ideolo is a very comprehensive price comparison app that makes sure you’re getting the best deal on your gifts. You can search or even scan the barcode on items if you’re in a shop, and idealo will compare prices from online stores such as Amazon and eBay so you can check there and then if you'd get a better deal on the web.


idealo also provides you with everything you need to know about your item – fact sheets, user reviews and even all the delivery information for each online outlet so you can check that your gift will arrive in time for Christmas.

There's a separate idealo app that compares the prices of flights too. If you travel overseas to spend Christmas with friends and family in other countries, idealo can help you save some extra cash.

Money Dashboard

It can be stressful to keep on top of spending at Christmas. This is where Money Dashboard comes in - a useful app that helps you keep on track with your finances over the festive period. Commended by many national newspapers and finance experts, Money Dashboard connects to your bank accounts in a read-only format to analyse your spending and helps you create realistic and helpful budgets.

It can break down your spending and tell you where you perhaps need to cut back, or where you have some wiggle room. You can create your own budgets and use Money Dashboard to check your progress too.

The apps above are a sure-fire way to keep organised with your Christmas shopping this year. If a great handset is on your list, make sure you check out the amazing contract, upgrade and SIM-free deals at e2Save.