Sometimes technology isn’t the most exciting of subjects, after handling hundreds of mobile phones we can be testament to that. Let’s face it, we’d rather try to train a pet rock than review yet another ‘tremendously exciting’ feature phone.

But now and then we’ll get our hands on a wearable gadget that would even make Lady Gaga’s wardrobe blush. But what are the craziest wearable gadgets we’ve ever seen?



Right up Miss Gaga’s alley, Sensoree is an outlandiash accessory, which offers a unique way of letting someone know how you’re doing.

Using a number of sensors which read your body rhythm, Sensoree changes colour to reflect your mood – as well as looking fairly outlandish in general. So, if you’re excited the top will go bright pink, equally, if someone steals the last of the milk from the office fridge it will go red to signify that murderous rage is on the cards.

QR Tie

QR Tie

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There’s a reason QR codes have never really taken off, and that’s because they don’t look all that attractive. While they’re fine to be stuck on the bottom of an advert at your nearest bus stop, having one placed on your tie probably isn’t going to win you any best-dressed competitions.

As you might’ve guessed already – the QR Tie is designed to offer you an intuitive way of showing off your business card, website or even your CV to other smartphone users.

We’re not saying that if you were to turn up to a job interview wearing the QR Tie that you shouldn’t get the job, but we doubt it’s going to help your chances…

Snowballs Cooling Underwear

You have to give a round of applause to the brilliant name that adorns these boxers. The Snowballs cooling underwear even has a great cause behind it as well – as increased temperature of mens’ private parts has been linked to infertility.

Simply put, these boxers ensure that your crown jewels are at an optimum temperature that’s ideal for giving your little swimmers a fighting chance. So instead of risking your future children with those dangerous and uncaring boxers you’re wearing now – why not get some Snowballs, only £40 per pair!

Electrozyme Temporary Fitness Tattoo

Fitness Tracking Tattoo

Temporary tattoos are generally an awesome creation – you can have Spiderman making a home on your bicep, or the entire cast of Frozen on your cheek, all without the constant regret that inevitably takes hold five years after getting a real tattoo.

So, why just look good when you can have a temporary tattoo that actually does something? This is the idea which spawned the Electrozyme temporary fitness tattoo!

Using a number of sensors, this tattoo might not look quite as cool as Superman caving Lex Luther’s head in, but it actually records plenty of data during your workout. This makes it extremely useful if you’re planning on buffing up to near Superman levels; just don’t go around looking for Lex Luther lookalikes to beat up once you’ve got there, OK?

Rufus Cuff Wrist Communicator

Rufus Cuff Wrist Communicator

Ever fancied looking like a sci-fi character from the 80s? Well you’re in luck, as the Rufus Cuff Wrist Communicator is perfect for doing just that!

Essentially, the Rufus Cuff is a phablet which is designed to fit on your wrist to make replying to messages from your phone a simple and easy task. It offers a three inch screen that is more than big enough for a full keyboard – but does look kind of geeky if we’re being totally honest.

Aurora Dream Headband

Dream headband

This is actually one of the coolest wearables that’s made this list, and that’s because it has the ability to control our dreams.

Kiss nightmares goodbye, as the Aurora Dream Headband will use audio and video inputs throughout the night to help you pick and choose the kind of dream you’d like. This means you can break up those day to day, not-so-exciting pursuits with dreams of being an astronaut, or a race car driver – or something you didn’t want to be when you were five years old if you prefer.


Peekiboo Wearable

Ever wondered what a baby’s eye view looks like? Well if you invest in Peekiboo you’ll be able to find out!

Whilst also being a truly adorable piece of infant headwear, Peekiboo also comes packed full of sensors that recognize when your baby gets excited and snaps a picture. This means you could get some stunning close up shots of that brand new mobile you fitted above the cot, or it could also grab a shot of your unsuspecting face after changing a nappy. So, we guess we’ll take our chances with this one then…


Who doesn’t love cats with their adorable little paws and whiskers? So why not bring yourself that much closer to your feline friends with the Necomimi wearable ears?

No, you read that correctly – wearable ears. They work by reading your brainwaves, and then when you get excited, the ears will twitch or perk up as they would if you were a real cat. Sure, you’ll look a bit weird and probably get a disciplinary for refusing to take them off at work – but if you’re that much of a cat lover, you’ll take the hit.



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A belt is a fairly standard piece of clothing, one you’d think couldn’t be adapted all that much. Well you thought wrong!

Belty is the first ever smart belt, and makes managing your waistline a simple and effortless task. Using plenty of sensors across its strap, Belty recognises when you need to tighten or loosen and does so automatically.

The only catch is that it looks like the reject from the Wonder Woman collection of utility belts, but who cares; it adjusts itself for crying out loud…


Like a hug

We live in a world where likes, retweets and +1s constitute compliments, but don’t you think it’s all a bit impersonal? Say hello to Like-a-Hug!

By donning this jacket, you bring the personal feel back to Facebook, as every time you get a like on a status, picture or video it will inflate to feel like you’re getting a hug. Never again will you feel unloved after posting your latest rant about the price of petrol on Facebook.

We just dread to think what will do when Facebook eventually brings in a dislike button…