Over the last few weeks, we teamed up with Motorola to offer a fantastic prize giveaway. We asked our fans to submit an action shot to our Facebook page with the chance to win a Motorola Xoom 2 tablet (1st Prize) or a Motorola RAZR smartphone (2nd prize). The response was overwhelming, as our Facebook fans sent in a wide variety of cool shots that covered all aspects of action. Despite the fantastic response, we could only choose two winners.

So here they are! We’ve asked both winners the story behind their e2action winning shot and what they’re looking forward to most about their new Motorola goodies.

2nd Prize – Motorola RAZR smartphone

Caroline Elmhirst

“The photo was taken when we were on holiday in Mallorca and I captured my husband in mid-flight as he launched himself into the pool! He managed to avoid a belly flop and dive-bombed in at the last minute. I thought it would make a great e2action shot as it really captured the Wahaayy of being on holiday!”

I can’t wait for my Motorola RAZR smartphone, the design is so thin, I will be showing it off to everyone!

1st Prize – Motorola Xoom 2 tablet

Zoe Corbin

“I did a charity skydive to raise funds for the RSPCA at an airfield in Wiltshire in 2009. The experience was amazing and without doubt one of the best things I have ever done before in my life. I chose this picture as my e2action shot as it represents for me my adventurous side as it is action and fun filled”

I am most looking forward to using the Motorola Xoom 2 tablet as it is sleek, stylish and it will be the first touch screen type of technology I have owned.

So there’s the round up to another e2save prize giveaway. You can view our whole e2action album to see a wide variety of great shots our entrants submitted. If you missed out on these prizes, don’t feel down. We’re going to have plenty more competitions this year, so check out our Facebook page and Like Us to keep informed of the latest supercool giveaways.