Despite producing some of the best smartphones in the business, LG is often put at the back of tech fans’ minds – well below the likes of Apple, Samsung and HTC. However, true technology fans (and people who can read a spec sheet) recognise LG’s yearly flagship offerings as one of the highlights of the mobile phone calendar.

But with the LG G4 on the brink of hitting our shelves, how much longer will its predecessor, the LG G3 last? To find out, what else could we do other than pit both phones side by side until one true winner is revealed?

Good old LG design!

Imagine picking between identical twins in different clothing- that’s pretty much the dilemma we all face when comparing these two smartphone stunners. Both handsets stake claim to a very similar build, with all of the rear-placed buttons staying put.

The only real point of discussion between these two is when it comes down to fashion sense. The G3 is the more sensible of the two offering a simple selection of three colours in a metallic style construction, which looks the part without being a haven for unwanted fingerprints.

Then enter the G3’s younger and more fashion forward sibling. Rocking a cowboy-esque leather style design, the LG G4 wouldn’t be off-kilter in a John Wayne flick.

LG G4 Leather

The new LG G4 also comes in a line up of bright and vibrant colours as well, making the G3’s predecessor a sight for sore eyes in comparison.

For those who aren’t quite ready for the leather evolution, LG is offering a more timid plastic version of the G4 which is much more similar to the G3. The same colours are also on show – so if you’re upgrading from the older phone, you can guarantee that everything about the LG G3 is preserved on your latest handset.

Power up with the LG G4

Shock horror! The LG G4 is more powerful than the G3! As with most new smartphones, pretty much everything from behind the scenes of the G3 has been rehashed, upgraded and then crammed back under the LG G4’s bonnet, assuring you of a faster performance.

This makes great reading for all of those interested in the latest processors, but what does it actually mean in practice? It means that the G4 will run a few shades faster than its predecessor, and once you’ve got it in your grasp it’s something you’ll definitely notice.

LG has been pretty consistent when it comes to just how much stuff you can squeeze onto the G4, allowing just 32GB of internal storage. But as is the case with the G3, you can jam in a MicroSD card if you’re really desperate for the extra space.

Something else that hasn’t made a change is the screen you’ll be using. Both the G4 and G3 offer identical 5.5-inch QHD displays, which in simple terms means that they’re big and they’re plenty powerful as well. The G4 does include something called Quantum LCD technology, making it much brighter but also more energy efficient- talk about your win-win situations, eh?

LG G4 Display

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In keeping with this, LG is also packing the very same battery in both phones as well, which offers tonnes of life to give you well over a day’s use. Also, the software behind the scenes of both handsets works to keep your battery going when it reaches those fear inducing single digit percentages –providing you with more than enough time to find a plug socket.

LG camera battle

Whilst big numbers and technical jargon tend to rule the roost when it comes to classifying smartphone cameras, LG hasn’t complicated things too much between these two smartphone brethren.

Side by side, it’s a battle not really worth fighting. The G3 is a solid competitor – its pictures come out clean, colours are realistic and the interface is simple and easy to use. However, the G4 gets the older phone on the ropes and doesn’t give it the chance to get out with an improved lens and top notch selfie snapper.

On the numbers front, the differences are telling. 13 megapixels and 2.1 megapixels for the G3 feels almost like a disposable camera going up against a professional snapper as the G4 rocks a 16 megapixel and 8 megapixel set-up. Also, the upgraded f1.8 aperture makes for an improved low-light performance, which is great news for camera geeks as well as your mandatory night club selfies.

Like with the internal kit, it’s another noticeable improvement between the two, giving you more than enough reason to upgrade if you’re sat on the fence.

LG G4 Camera

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G3 vs G4 verdict

There are a number of fair fights on the smartphone market, especially amongst flagship phones, but the G3 vs G4 battle isn’t one of them. The LG G3 is a great handset, but the G4 outclasses it on almost every level.

The new LG handset provides an improved look, better performance, the same brilliant display and a superb snapper which the G3 simply can’t contend with. It basically takes everything that was good from the previous phone and then turns the volume up all the way to 11.

So, if you’re considering making the switch from the G3, there is no better handset on offer for you than the G4…