Samsung Galaxy NoteSince the release of the iPad in early 2010, consumers have looked favourably upon tablets as a fantastic bridge between a laptop and communication device.

Catering for both functionality and fun, tablets appeal to a wide community of users. With the recent release of the** Galaxy Note**, Samsung claim to bridge the gap between phone and tablet. Is this latest device a necessity or a fad that won’t catch on?

Samsung’s rationale for the Galaxy Note is to create a primary device which reduces the need to switch between others.

Any avid tech lover will own a selection of the following – smartphone, tablet, portable games device, music player and sat nav. By replacing all the above with one main device, the consumer is able to enjoy the benefits of all their favourite devices within one stylish handset.

The link between tablet and smartphone is easily distinguishable by its “sat on the fence” screen size. With a display of 5.3 inches, this is one of the largest within the phone market (or smallest within the tablet market!). Large enough to read the daily newspaper yet not too big to be mistaken for Dom Joly making a phone call, the Galaxy Note offers portability that really can fit into your pocket. Though the size of the screen may be too small to host a film night with friends, owning a Samsung TV allows you to stream the picture across wirelessly to a more suitable size for sharing entertainment.

As smartphones are able to offer more technology than ever, it would be easy to label the Galaxy Note as another device capable of gaming, music and social networking apps. If you wish to take notes however you’re still more likely to use a pen and paper rather than a memo or calendar app within a phone. The inclusion of an inbuilt Stylus pen allows the Galaxy Note to distinguish itself from competitors. With capabilities to understand your handwriting technique and code it into electronic text, it feels natural to jot down ideas into the device.

Pen app on the Samsung Galaxy Note

If you load up the artwork app, the Samsung Galaxy Note can detect pen pressure; perfect for brushstrokes of differing textures to assist you in creating that masterpiece! On a serious note, if you hold the pen to the screen for 2 seconds, a freeze-frame is taken allowing you to annotate, highlight or even crop out a part of the picture to another document. This tool is perfect for hinting that ideal Christmas gift, giving directions to a friend or reviewing a sales pitch presentation before delivery. You could argue this removes the need for a pen or paper in your bag at all!

The inclusion of Near Field Communication technology (NFC) allows augmented reality through your handset. Not only does this mean finding a popular restaurant nearby but the ability to pay for products with just your phone. In the future, will you even need your wallet when shopping? It’s part of technology’s natural progression to combine features into a single working device and the Samsung Galaxy Note is certainly at the forefront of the way we interact with the world. When you next leave the house – just don’t forget your phone!