Offline free games are essential for any serious smartphone gamer and here are three games that offer that freedom without making you drain your bank account!

Before downloading the first of these free game, remember that the permissions pop-up screen doesn’t need to be blindly accepted. Certain permissions have an edit icon next to them and this can be used, for example, to restrict the app’s ability to post on the player’s social networking time line.

Further inspiration for Android gamers can be found in the new ‘No-Wi-Fi, No Problem’ category on Google Play. Remember to download these free offline games over Wi-Fi to ensure additional ‘out-of-bundle’ charges are not incurred.

Assassin’s Creed Pirates

At 758MB, Assassin’s Creed Pirates is by far the largest of these games to download, but the offline gaming experience is well worth the time. The game play is a mix of task completion and dialogue interlaced with graphical videos and music from the high seas, which completes the immersion.

[![Assassins Creed Pirates](]( are pirate games so much fun? They just ARRRRRRRRRGH!
The game teaches the player how to pirate and pillage, sail and cannon as the story unfolds. The handy fast forward button allows buccaneers to skip through the video sequences or dialogue if they wish.
[![Assassins Creed gameplay](]( Creed is anything but plain sailing.
It is pretty easy to drop anchor and get captain-hooked on this one, so climb up to the crow’s nest and get ready to run a shot across the bough!

Unblock Me Free

Unblock Me Free is an absolute gaming classic that blends hours of entertainment with a gentle massaging of the grey matter. It fulfills the criteria of free, with offline play, and it is the perfect game to fill spare moments with during the commute or lunch break. It is also great entertainment as a side attraction while watching TV, pretending to listen to your partner or while waiting for the next Facebook update to come through!

[![Unblock Me gameplay](]( a blockhead
If you haven’t seen this retro puzzle game before, then the mission is simple, move the blocks around the board until it is possible to move the red block off the board via the exit slot. Can anyone hear meercat Aleksandr Orlov saying ‘simples’?

Unblock Me has two modes of play, Relax Mode and Challenge Mode. We’d recommend going straight to Challenge Mode as it gives a goal number of maximum moves. However, even if too many moves are made, it is still possible to continue onto the next level.

Strata Free

Runner up for Most Innovative Game Design on the Indie Showcase at Casual Connect 2013, Strata Free is a more challenging puzzler that progressively gets more difficult.

[![Strata Free](]( your brain a workout with Strata
The game play runs extremely smoothly, as the player slides in coloured ribbons from the side with the goal of having the top ribbons matching that of the coloured square below. Be warned though, this puzzler is as difficult to explain as it is to complete. Thankfully, everything becomes clear as the in-game tutorial is completed!

Bonus: Despicable Me

In need of another recommendation for a free offline game to play? Despicable Me should fit the bill and the giggling Minions are highly entertaining and will put a smile on anyone’s face. The game downloads in just a few seconds but before disconnecting Wi-Fi, open the game, as this instigates a further two download packs that are needed for offline game play.

Each level sees the player’s Minion ducking, dodging and jumping around various obstacles while collecting bananas or other tropical fruits for making jelly. The levels take place over multiple 3D locations such as Gru’s Lair, Gru’s Residential Area, Minion Beach and El Macho’s Lair. Players can also explore Super Silly Fun Land, The Volcano, The Arctic Base, Eduardo’s House and The Anti-Villain League.

[![Despicable Me gameplay](]( app is one in a minion
Players should be aware that these extra levels all need to be downloaded individually. So, if extended offline gaming is desired, venture into the settings and download them beforehand.

The Despicable Me game has the usual secret areas and boss fights that we have to expect from this type of game genre. Power-ups are also available for enhancing the skills of your Minion. These can be purchased with virtual bananas or tokens, which can be earned through playing the mini-games, watching short advertisements or via a traditional purchase online.

You would have to be bananas not to give Despicable Me a go, so get ready for hours of side splitting fun!