A much-anticipated 2019 release, Google Pixel 4 boasts a **5.7-inch display, along with a whole host of extra features. With its cutting-edge dual camera system and a new and improved Google Assistant, this generation of Google handset is smart, slick and designed with innovations in mind. Explore the top five new features below.

1 - Dual Camera System

The new design of the rear-facing camera system is a striking square setup, in which there are two cameras. First, there’s the 12MP wide angle lens, and then there’s the 16MP telephoto camera, with whopping 2x optical zoom.


There are some extraordinary photography functions to consider too. The next generation of Night Sight makes capturing even the darkest skies a doddle, while Portrait Mode now brings the foreground of your shot into sharper relief than before. On top of this, you can adjust the exposure in different parts of the same image, not just in the camera, but when you’re taking photos in your favourite apps too.

2 - 5.7-Inch OLED Smooth Display

The 90Hz OLED Smooth Display on Google Pixel 4 features Full HD+ resolution, so it’s perfect for catching up with your favourite shows on the go, or browsing on YouTube. The screen will refresh 90 times per second, depending on the app being used, so animations will be clear and text much easier to read.


You can opt to keep your handset functioning at 90Hz around the clock, but if you want to save on battery, Google Pixel 4’s intelligent display can reactively reduce to 60Hz if you’re texting or writing a note. Don’t worry – it’ll ramp back up to 90Hz for maximum clarity when you’re viewing or creating image-based content.

3 - Quick Gestures

Another Motion Sense feature, Quick Gestures will revolutionise the way you interact with your handset. Using the same radar as the Face Unlock feature, you can carry out small tasks with a simple wave of your hand.

Some of the things you can do with Quick Gestures include: snoozing your alarm, silencing a call, and even navigating your favourite playlist – so no worries if you’re in the middle of cooking and you want to skip a track.

4 - Face Unlock

Google Pixel 4 uses the Titan M security chip to provide face recognition security, so you can unlock your handset simply by looking at it. This is a speedy feature too, as Google Pixel 4’s Motion Sense radar technology detects your arm when your reach for it, so the infrared cameras are ready to go.


Google Pixel 4, and its larger counterpart Google Pixel 4XL, are the first android smartphones to sport a Face Unlock feature which is secure enough to use for making payments. You can set up Face Unlock to work with Google Pay, and also selected password apps, so logging into your favourite platforms is easier than ever.

5 - New Google Assistant

Google Assistant is integrated seamlessly throughout the Google Pixel 4, meaning you can do more with fewer words. Google Assistant can access your apps, so you can check your train times or make a reservation just by asking. This new and improved tech will recognise a wider range of more casual commands, like “Hey Google, show me the photos from my trip to Liverpool” and then “Share these with friends”.


With Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back, as well as an IP68 dust and water resistance rating, the Google Pixel 4 is as durable as it is intelligent.
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