Hotly anticipated, the Google Pixel 4 is the newest addition to the Google family. The device is the larger version of the flagship Pixel 4, and is equipped with a host of exciting features and specifications that make this a fast, premium and stylish smartphone. From the excellent camera system to the introduction of Motion Sense technology, find out all about the Google Pixel 4 XL below.

1 - 16MP + 12.2 MP Camera

Creating studio-like photos, Google Pixel 4XL has a 16MP telephoto and 12.2MP primary lens on the rear, both housed in a square encasing on the rear of the device.

The lenses are built with a number of features to help capture professional, focussed and exceptionally detailed shots. Live HDR means you can manually adjust exposure before you take a picture, so you can preview what the photo will look like before you take it. Optical and electronic image stabilisation, along with auto focus and phase detection mean photos are always clear and focussed. With a second camera lens, Googles’ portrait mode is much improved, producing an even better bokeh effect with soft, blurred out backgrounds.

This second camera lens, along with Super Res Zoom, also makes it easy to take quality photos from a distance, while Frequent Faces make sure that the people you take pictures of the most are always smiling, in focus and not blinking in every shot. Two more new exciting features include advanced Night Sight that allows you to take photos in the dark without needing to use flash, and Astrophotography Mode, which makes the Google Pixel 4XL the only smartphone camera that can take photos of the Milky Way.

On the front is an 8MP camera with an impressive 90° field of view, so you can comfortably fit more people into your selfies. With Google’s unlimited photo storage you can store an unlimited amount of photos on your device, so you needn’t worry about your photos taking up all the memory in your phone.

2 - Motion Sense Technology

One of the most innovative and exciting features on the Google Pixel 4XL, Motion Sense technology intelligently senses users’ motion. Motion Sense detects when you’re reaching for your phone and automatically unlocks it, and also recognises when you’ve walked away from your phone and thus turns off the display.


Motion Sense technology also allows you to activate Quick Gestures. With Quick Gestures you can skip music, snooze alarms and silence phone calls all by waving your hand over the device. This is an intelligent feature that Google hopes to roll out to further technology in the future.

3 - Display

The Google Pixel 4XL has a 6.2-inch QHD+ display, for full-screen interactions in bright and vivid colours. Unlike similar devices, the screen has a 90Hz refresh rate – which essentially means the display is refreshed 90 times per second – for super smooth movements and faster responses.

The Google Pixel 4XL also has an Always-On Display, which always keeps a portion of your screen turned on so you can see the things you actually want, such as the time, date, battery percentage and notifications. Always-On means you can quickly glance at your phone to catch up on the things that matter to you most, without having to unlock your device.

4 - Edge to Edge Design

A pleasing and premium design, Google Pixel 4XL has a notchless edge-to-edge design with a 76% screen to body ratio. This means the screen stretches from one side of the phone to another, so you can stream films and browse your phone with minimal interruption.


Rounded edges make the device comfortable to hold in the hand, while the matte glass rear panel makes for a stylish and smooth design. Google has opted for super-fast face ID technology to unlock the device, further enhancing user experience and speeding up processes.

5 - Android 10 and Google Assistant

Google Pixel 4XL is the first Android Phone that comes with Android 10 straight out of the box. Android 10 has a host of exciting features, but notable upgrades include Dark Theme, Smart Replies and Live Captions.


With Google Pixel 4XL, you’ll also benefit from a faster Google Assistant than ever before. Google Assistant is an easy way to control your apps on the go, and you can even ask Google Assistant common questions, about things like the weather or your calendar, and it will answer them for you in a flash. Running this super-fast device is the Snapdragon 855 processor, with 3,700 mAh battery.

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