The Google Pixel 4a has plenty of top-tier smartphone tech to offer, as well as an affordable midrange pricepoint.

The Pixel line-up is widely-appreciated for its intuitive, user-friendly operating systems and impressive camera setups – and this handset is no different. With a 12.2 MP dual-pixel rear lens camera, 5.8-inch OLED display and an intelligent 3,140 mAh Adaptive Battery, this device can handle the everyday with ease. Find out more about this handset’s top five features as we explore in further detail below.

1 - Design

Compact enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, the Google Pixel 4a measures 69.4mm across, and despite housing some impressive specs, it’s only 8.2mm deep. The soft-touch polycarbonate unibody provides a firm hold and on the rear of the device there’s a conveniently placed fingerprint scanner. This can be used to unlock your phone quickly and securely, or make a contactless purchase using G-Pay – all without adjusting your grip.


Plus, in the top left corner of the handset, you’ll also find a standard 3.5mm headphone jack – making it easy to catch up on podcasts or listen to your favourite playlist, with either wired or wireless Bluetooth headphones.

2 - Display

Ideal for smartphone users who enjoy a medium-sized handset, but still value a quality viewing experience, the Google Pixel 4a features a 5.8-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen. Capable of achieving up to 16 million colours, this handset promises a vibrant display, whether you’re scrolling through the news or watching your favourite YouTube channels. Bezels have been kept to a minimum, with a screen-to-body ratio of 83%, and the screen itself is topped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, so it can easily withstand the bumps and scratches of everyday life.


Straight out of the box, the display has Always On mode activated. This setting allows you to see the date, time and priority notifications, all without pushing any buttons. Another exciting addition to Always On mode is the Now Playing function, which detects when music is playing in your surroundings, and show you the track and artist name, without being prompted.

3 - Camera

On the rear of the device, you’ll find a 12.2 MP dual-pixel lens, with LED flash, autofocus and HDR+, which can brighten colours, increase dynamic range and reduce unwanted noise in your images.


As well as the impressive hardware, there’s a selection of photography settings to choose from, like Night Sight. On hand to help you shoot stunningly clear images after dark, Night Sight will pick up the smallest details, and accurately capture colour without any need for flash. You can even photograph the Milky Way with Astrophotography mode, which can require an exposure of up to three minutes to develop a professional-grade shot of the night sky.

Portrait mode is also onboard, enabling you to take beautiful shots of your friends and family, and it’s easy to add an artistic Portrait Blur to the background – even after you’ve taken the shot – ensuring they’ll always be front and centre.

4 - Android 10 & Google Assistant with Lens

This handset comes with the latest Android operating system already installed – Android 10 – a stylish, user-friendly interface designed to make carrying out your daily tasks as simple and convenient as possible. You’ll also benefit from the new Google Assistant, which can send texts, set reminders, control your music and more.

Google Lens is at your fingertips too; with this fun feature, you can utilise the device’s camera in a whole new way. Point your lens at a subject you're curious about, and you’ll be able to scan and translate text in real-time, or identify the different plants in your garden. You can even shop for what you see – if you spot a print you love at a friend’s house or your next handbag while you’re out and about, your Google Pixel 4a can find similar items online in seconds.

5 - Battery

The Google Pixel 4a is powered by an intelligent 3,140 mAh Adaptive Battery, which is more than capable of keeping your device up and running all day, from your morning commute right through to bedtime. The handset intelligently prioritises your favourite apps and identifies those you use the least, ensuring that your battery isn’t wasted to keep them running in the background.


When your battery does run low and the time comes to power up, you won’t be plugged in for long. The quick-charging battery can last for 7 hours of playback after just 15 minutes plugged into the 18W USB-C cable, which is included with the handset. That means less time attached to a power socket, so you have the freedom to get back out there.

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