The latest addition to Google’s Pixel series, the Google Pixel 5 joins the ranks with plenty of fresh tech and exciting features to offer. From a dual-pixel rear camera with HDR+ to built-in 5G connectivity, this flagship device is brimming with cutting-edge specs, and is sure to make the ideal upgrade for devoted Android users. Learn more about the highlights of this handset as we explore its top 5 features in greater detail below.

1. Design & Display

Made from recycled aluminium, the Pixel 5 has a smooth body rated IPX8, which means it can withstand water one metre deep for up to 30 minutes – so it can certainly cope with a few raindrops and the occasional spilt beverage. Stretching 6 inches across the handset is a Full HD+ OLED Smooth Display, coated in durable Corning Gorilla Glass 6.


This always-on display will enable you to easily see key information such as battery life, time, date and notifications without hitting a single button or unlocking your handset. Meanwhile, the 86.8% screen-to-body ratio and 90Hz refresh rate guarantees an exceptional viewing experience, with 16 million vivid colours, perfect for streaming your favourite shows or scrolling through social media on your commute.

Unlocking this handset is easy too - you’ll find a conveniently located fingerprint scanner on the rear of the body, just place the pad of your finger over the sensor to get instant access.

2. Rear Camera

The Pixel 5 also features Google’s signature square camera mount, which contains one 12.2MP dual-pixel lens, and a second 16MP ultrawide lens. This setup can capture all the minutiae in a detailed closeup just as easily as a stunning panoramic landscape, thanks to the ultra-wide lens and its field of view. Google’s coveted Night Sight photography mode is on board this handset, eradicating the need for flash in dark settings, while HDR+ enhances the colour and lighting within your images, making them true-to-life.


You can even take a photo of the night sky with Astrophotography Mode, which can capture stars, planets and galaxies using long exposure, in areas without a lot of light pollution. Videographers will also love the new Cinematic Video setting, which enables super-smooth panning in footage, emulating the seamless transitions of professional moviemakers.

3. 5G

When you’re in a 5G supported location, you’ll also be able to make the most of 5G connectivity with this device. The UK’s fifth generation mobile network brings super-fast downloads, buffer-free streaming and a crystal-clear connection when you’re video calling with friends and family.


This handset can also support gaming with Stadia – so you’ll get to enjoy the most graphics-intensive games with minimal lag and latency, just as you would on a big-screen console. You can even share 5G connectivity with friends on another device, like your laptop or tablet, with Google’s 5G Hotspot feature. Visiting an area without 5G? No need to change your settings – the Pixel 5 will automatically connect to the 4G or 3G network available.

4. 4080mAh Battery

Powering this smartphone is a 4080mAh adaptive battery, which according to Google can last up to 48 hours on a single charge, with the use of Extreme Battery Saver. This intelligent battery learns which apps are your favourite, and tailors its power to prioritise them, so you can always access the things you need most.


If you're in a hurry, you can easily power up your device quickly with 18W fast-charging, which you can do with the charger included in the box. Wireless charging is possible too with any QI-certified charger (sold separately). Google has also built a Battery Share feature into the Pixel 5, which enables you to charge other compatible devices with your phone, such as Google Pixel Buds.

5. Google Assistant

Activated by the simple wake words “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”, Google Assistant is a real highlight on this handset, and capable of much more than assisting you with organisational tasks. As well as setting reminders, drafting messages hands-free and answering queries like ‘what’s the weather like today?’, Google Assistant can also control your smart home devices.


That means you can use your Pixel 5 to play, pause and skip tracks on your favourite Spotify playlists, adjust the lighting in your home and even turn up the heating – all without picking up your device.

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