How to Recover Data From a Broken Phone

How to Recover Data From a Broken Phone

If your smartphone is no longer working, or it can’t be accessed easily, this doesn’t mean your data is lost. Our mobile experts at e2Save are here to explain useful methods you can use to potentially recover your data from a broken phone.

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1 – Check the Cloud

Backing up your phone is always recommended, whether your transferring data between devices, or setting up a new one. This includes using the Cloud to store data digitally in a safe place, such as photos.

Android and iPhone devices have their own variations of the Cloud you can use, so it’s worth checking if your broken phone had auto-backup enabled, regardless of platform.


To check the Cloud on Android:

  1. On a PC, laptop or tablet, go to Google Drive
  2. Log into your Google account.
  3. Any files that were automatically backed up by your phone will be visible here
  4. Select a file, and click ‘Download

You can now store your files on the PC, laptop or tablet, until you get your new handset, after which they can be transferred across via USB, or downloaded from the Cloud on your new phone using the same steps.


To check the Cloud on iPhone:

  1. On a PC, tablet, or laptop, log into your iCloud account
    a. If you’re on a Mac, click the Apple icon > System Preferences > Apple ID
    b. Select Manage > Backups
  2. Click Storage
  3. Select Backups

2 – SD card

Another way you can retrieve data from a broken phone is if your device has got an SD card. This method isn’t full-proof, as the data being stored onto the SD card is reliant on you having manually moved data across to it, but there’s no harm in checking it.


The SD card slot is commonly located near the SIM tray, usually at the top of the phone; other models may have it positioned elsewhere.

After removing the SD card, you can then use a microSD adapter to read its data on a different device, such as a PC, laptop or tablet.

3 – Use an external display

If your phone still works, but it has a damaged screen, it’s possible to recover data from your broken phone by using an external display to see any stored data.

For this method, you’ll need a USB-C to HDMI dongle, a keyboard, and a mouse. Some older phones may not have the bandwidth to support this USB connection, but many newer models will be covered here.


  1. Plug the USB-C end of the dongle into your broken device
  2. Connect the HDMI end into a HDMI-supported display, such as a monitor or laptop
  3. Navigate your phone’s menus from this external display to see the stored data
    a. From here, you can also backup the data and access it from another device

4 – AssistiveTouch on iPhones

iPhones with a broken Home button can still be navigated with the AssistiveTouch feature, which gives you access to a virtual Home key on the screen itself.


To enable AssistiveTouch:

  1. Unlock your iPhone
  2. Go to Settings >Accessibility > Touch
  3. Toggle the ‘AssistiveTouch’ option
  4. Tap the black button that appears to access the standard Home key features, such as returning to the Home menu, and Siri

With these useful methods for backing up data in future, your old photos and files will be in safe hands again. If the damage to your phone involves a cracked screen, our experts also have you covered, with our helpful guide on what to do.