How to Set Up Contactless Payments on Your Smartphone

How to Set Up Contactless Payments on Your Smartphone

Carrying cash, debit, or credit cards is gradually becoming more and more unnecessary - thanks to contactless payments, you’re able to purchase items directly from your handset. It’s simple to use, secure, and only takes a moment to set up on your smartphone. Whether you’re in store or online, contactless payments are the most convenient way to pay.

Here are a few more reasons why you might want to consider making the switch to contactless.

What are contactless payments?

First introduced in 2007, contactless payments have been around longer than you may have expected. However, it wasn’t widely known about until 2011, when Google and Apple developed their own unique contactless payment systems: Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Since then, contactless payment has grown in popularity, as it enables users to pay for a transaction in a restaurant, supermarket, or bar without requiring a physical credit or debit card. By setting this up on your smartphone, you’ll have a digital copy of your card on your device which is safely stored in your Wallet App.

Benefits of contactless payment

Added convenience

The ultra-convenient nature of contactless payments means making transactions has never been easier. By simply tapping – or even just hovering – your smartphone over a card machine, you’re able to pay for your favourite coffee without entering your chip and pin. Whether you’re in a restaurant, supermarket, or bar, most card machines now accept contactless payments. Just look out for the contactless payment logo or ask the cashier if the card machine is compatible.


On your smartphone, you can now order an Uber or a takeaway on Deliveroo without hunting down your bank card. There’s no need to repeatedly enter your card details anymore, instead you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or another Android equivalent for fast transactions.

Safe payments

There are a few myths surrounding contactless payments on smartphones, from being easily hacked to your personal information being shared. The reality is that using contactless payments on your smartphone is a safe and secure way to pay. For example, Apple Pay does not store your full account number, and therefore removes the risk of any fraudulent behaviour.

Another added benefit is that it provides you with a backup payment method, in case you lose your wallet or leave it at home. You’ll ultimately always have a secondary way of paying for items, so you can avoid a potentially stressful situation.


Security features

There are plenty of in-built security features that help keep your payments secure. For example, you must have a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID set up on your device before you can pay for a transaction. This is in place to make sure it’s only you that’s able to use contactless payment on your smartphone.

Plus, once you’ve made a payment, your smartphone will notify you. It’ll tell you how much you’ve spent and where the purchase was made. To see these details, go to your Apple Wallet, or the equivalent app on an Android device, and turn on notifications in settings.


How to set up Google Pay for Android

1). On your Android device, find and install the Google Pay app in Google Play.

2). If you don’t have a screen lock, for example PIN or fingerprint unlock, you may be asked to set one up.

3). Then, tap Add a card and Debit or credit card.

4). You can either use your camera to capture your card info or enter manually.

5). Choose which way you want to verify your payment method - either by email, text, or phone.

6). Enter the verification code that’s been sent to your device.

7). You’re all set.


How to set up Apple Pay

1). On your iPhone, go to Settings.

2). Scroll down and select Wallet & Apple Pay.

3). Tap Add card then Add new card.

4). Enter your card details and security code.

5). Once your bank has verified your card tap Next.

6). Go back to Settings on your device, scroll to Apple pay, and tap on the card.

7). After your card has been verified by your bank, tap Next again.

8). You can now start using Apple Pay.

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