Do you remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you know, the one where the porridge that was too hot, the porridge that was too cold and the porridge that was just right? Well, the HTC smartphone range is just like that. The HTC One M9 may be too expensive, the HTC One M8  may be too old but the HTC One M8s is just right. “Why?”  you ask. Find out in our HTC M8s review.

HTC M8s design & features

Has HTC robbed Apple or Samsung?

Looking almost identical to the HTC One M8, we find the HTC M8s chiselled out of a solid piece of Aluminium that shouts premium, yet the pricing of this smartphone suggests that someone has forgotten this!

HTC M8s design

Incredibly the same 5-inch Full HD display (1080 x 1920 pixels) that we find on the HTC One M9 has been used, delivering an impressive 441 pixels per inch. At this level the pixels are so fine that the human eye cannot distinguish them individually so you may be fooled into thinking that the media you enjoy on the HTC One M8s has come alive.

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The hardware that makes up the HTC One M8s isn’t reflected in its superb low price either, leaving us questioning whether the Apple or Samsung parts department has been robbed! An octa core processor powers the experience and its 64-bit energy efficient processor helps the battery – which has a higher capacity compared to the one used on the HTC One M8 – achieve great usage times of up to a month of standby or 20 hours of talk time.

HTC M8s features

The remaining hardware includes a built in memory of 16GB with a 128GB memory card slot, Wi-Fi and 4G antennas and a GPS navigation chip. The famous BoomSound speakers have been front mounted to direct the sound at you and these have their own power amps to ensure the whole neighbourhood knows what type of music you enjoy.

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Straight out of the box the HTC One M8s has the latest Android Lollipop operating system installed and the Google experience has been carefully blended with HTC features such as HTC BlinkFeed. Motion Launch improves the experience further with intelligent actions such as lift to answer, swipe to access apps and double tap to wake up the phone.

HTC M8s camera

Goodbye UltraPixels!

It is fair to say that the UltraPixel camera concept on the HTC One M8 didn’t exactly inspire the majority and HTC confirms this by replacing it with a standard 13MP camera on the HTC M8s.

HTC M8s camera

If you aren’t convinced that this alone delivers value for money then how about a Duo Camera set up? This extra lens sits above the main camera and lets you do some really cool things:

  • Ufocus allows the point of focus to be changed with layer recognition accurately adding effects such as blurring the background.
  • Foregrounder allows you to work with different layers of the photograph and add effects such as motion blurs that are usually created by twisting the lens on a professional camera.
  • You can also add effects to individual layers with the Colourise, Cartoon and Sketch tools.
  • DimensionPlus mimics 3D allowing you to shift the perspective by tilting the phone.

We talked about price and value for money earlier and here is another startling fact. The HTC One M8s actually has a better selfie camera than the HTC One M9. This 5MP snapper works with the HTC Eye Experience for use with visual and voice cues. The remaining camera features include Blend Face, 1080p video recording and a dual tone flash for natural illumination under low light conditions.

The verdict: If HTC still has stock of the One M8 lying around then they better start giving it away because the price point for the HTC M8s means that you would have to be crazy to buy its predecessor!