HTC really is the king of the smartphone world right now after blowing us away with its successor to the HTC One. Now the company has brought us the HTC One Mini 2, a cut-size version of its bigger brother.  But the question remains: the HTC One Mini 2 sure is small, but is it mighty as well?

One M8 vs One mini 2: Shape Size and design

First things first: size. As you might have already guessed, the HTC One Mini 2 is a smaller version of the One M8. But, coming in at 4.5-inches, the One Mini 2 only falls short by half an inch compared to the 5 inch M8.

HTC One M8 vs HTC One Mini 2

The good news about the One Mini 2 compared to its older sibling is that in many ways it shares the same premium design. With a brushed metal casing and smooth curved back, the One Mini 2 really stands a foot above all other ‘mini’ smartphones in the design stakes.

Looking a little closer, it’s clear that the One M8 has received a touch more care and attention by HTC thanks to its minimal plastic to metal ratio. Whereas the M8 is made up of 90% aluminium, the One Mini 2 sports a slightly thicker plastic trim, giving it an ever so slightly cheaper feel. But only if you look really, really carefully…

HTC Power

There’s no doubt about it: the HTC One M8 is an absolute powerhouse under the hood. It sports a mighty 2.3GHz quad-core processor and Snapdragon 801 chip, making it one of the fastest and most powerful flagship smartphones on the market.

On the other hand, specs are where the one mini 2 comes in slightly short- excuse the pun- compared to its bigger brother. With a 1.2GHz processor and Snapdragon 400 chipset, the device isn’t quite in the same league as the One M8, but we don’t expect it to be either. As a miniature version of a flagship phone, the One Mini 2 sits within the mid-range market, making its quad-core processor a real asset compared to its closest competitors.

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UltraPixel Camera vs Megapixel Camera

HTC really vamped up the stakes with the One M8’s camera. Instead of sticking with your typical megapixel lens, the One M8, just like the One before it, sports an UltraPixel camera. HTC’s UltraPixel camera lets in more light than your traditional megapixel camera, making for much better snaps from your smartphone. The flagship phone also has a dual camera which allows the device to judge depth, making it more like a professional DSLR camera than a smartphone.

The HTC One mini 2 on the other hand boasts a more traditional camera teamed with a 13 megapixel lens. Although this means it misses out on the One M8’s UltraPixel technology, it does mean that one mini 2 users benefit from a flagship-style camera boasting a higher megapixel count than most other ‘mini’ handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini.

Where the HTC One mini 2 really comes out of its metal-clad shell is with its front-facing snapper. Rather than offering a miniscule selfie camera, HTC has transferred its 5MP front-facing lens, putting the One M8 and One mini 2 on a par as far as self portraits are concerned!

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HTC Features

If there’s one thing that HTC does well, it’s features. And luckily both the One M8 and One Mini 2 are packed with them.


When the HTC One was launched, it wasn’t just its UltraPixel technology that everyone was talking about. Instead, it was HTC Zoe, a totally novel camera app, which had people’s tongues wagging. HTC Zoe allows users to really capture their photos like never before, with 3 second video clips which make up your 20 second video highlights.

Although HTC hasn’t included Zoe on the One Mini 2, it’s been assured that users will be able to download the app at some point this summer.


**HTC Sense 6 BlinkFeed

Both the HTC One M8 and One Mini 2 boast the latest version of HTC’s user interface, Sense 6, which brings a whole host of new features to the smartphones. BlinkFeed- HTC’s homepage made up of articles, photos and social media updates- has also had a facelift, which is a welcome change on both handsets. Not only is the user interface on the One M8 and One Mini 2 more colourful, but it is also more customisable, making the phones one of the hottest power couples around.

Dual frontal speakers

Another feature that HTC managed to transfer from the One and One Mini to its latest handsets is its dual frontal speakers. The only smartphone manufacturer to do so, HTC has marked its One range of devices as the smartphone for music lovers.

What’s more, both the M8 and its little brother have been kitted out with built-in amplifiers, making them louder and crisper than their predecessors. Now how many other ‘mini’ smartphones can you say the same for?

HTC One M8 vs HTC One Mini 2 Verdict

Coming in as almost identical to the One M8 in terms of design, camera specs and features, the HTC One Mini 2 really does give you a lot of bang for your buck. Featuring a mighty quad-core processor, a 13 megapixel camera and HTC’s range of bespoke built-in features, there’s really no shying away from the fact that the device is any part as good as its bigger brother, which in itself is tipped to be the hottest smartphone of the year.

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