At the same time as its release of the flagship P40 series, Huawei also unveiled the latest iteration of its bespoke operating system, EMUI 10.1, complete with a brand-first: the Huawei exclusive smart assistant, Celia.

Celia is Huawei’s answer to Siri, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby – it can be easily activated using the wake words 'Hey Celia', or by holding down the power button for one second. While Celia is very capable of helping you with the essentials, this smart assistant can do more than just the usual day-to-day tasks; we explore some of Celia’s most exciting features below.

1 - Translation

With multiple translation tools at your disposal, Celia makes the ultimate travel companion. Real-time translation takes all the stress out of asking for directions or visiting the supermarket in a foreign country. To open this feature, just say ‘Hey Celia, face to face translation’, select the language you want to be translated into from the dropdown menu, and then tap the Hold to Talk button as you ask your question.


Celia will instantly read your question aloud in the language you selected, and then translate the response back into your native language. Need to translate a block of text? Just open your camera and say ‘Hey Celia, translate this menu’ – your smart assistant will give you the English equivalent in no time.

2 - Object Identification

Celia’s deep integration with both the handsets’ hardware and AI enables an even wider range of smart features, like object identification. Whether you’re an avid gardener or a collector of houseplants, you’ll love Celia’s ability to retrieve information about the surrounding wildlife. Turn your Huawei’s camera towards any plant or flower and say, ‘Hey Celia, what plant is this?’Celia will provide you with the name of the plant, or the closest it can find, and direct you to similar images.


You can also use Celia to track down clothes and other objects you encounter out and about. Just say ‘Hey Celia, where can I buy this?’ and point your camera at the object in question – Huawei's AI assistant will search online until it comes across the right item, before showing you the retailer and price.

3 - Calorie Counter

Perfect for the health-conscious, Celia can also tell you precisely how many calories are in the food in front of you, whether you’re eating out at a restaurant or cooking in your own home.


This is another feature that uses the Leica camera setup to operate – to activate it, just say ‘Hey Celia, scan the calories of this sandwich’, for example, and you’ll be presented with the number of calories per hundred grams. You’ll also get access to information on similar food items that Celia has found online, accompanied by a thorough breakdown of their nutrients – like carbohydrates, salt content and more.

4 - Handsfree Media Control

Working in seamless synchronisation with EMUI 10.1, Celia can achieve smooth media playback instantly - all you have to do is ask. That means Celia can access your music library, as well as music and video content online.


Just activate Celia using the wake words, or by holding down the power button for one second, and then say ‘play funny videos’ - Celia will look online and pull a whole host of comedy footage for you to enjoy. You can ask Celia to play music from all your favourite artists too, or if you can’t decide what you want to hear, just say ‘play some music.’

5 - Simplifying Everyday Tasks

As well as these intelligent features, there are plenty of ways that Celia can simplify your daily routine. Celia can take a whole host of instructions, so you can rely on this smart assistant to set alarms and reminders, arrange meetings, check the weather and even take a selfie, so you can snap the perfect shot handsfree. If you want to quickly change your settings, Celia can help with this too – just ask Celia to ‘turn on silent mode’ when you’re somewhere quiet, or ‘turn on eye comfort mode’ to read more easily in the dark.


Communicating on the go is also made easier by Celia, if you’re driving or have your hands full, you can just say ‘Hey Celia, call Bethany’ or ‘send a text to James saying I’ll be 30 minutes late.’

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