The Huawei Honor Bee is one of those budget smartphones that throws out a surprise or two, bringing in some unexpected specs and an attractive look. But will this affordable smartphone be a runaway success? Or is this Huawei handset just another phone that’s set to be thrown into the bargain bin?

Huawei Honor Bee technology

The 4.5” LCD display puts the sizing of this phone in today’s mini category, which is great if you have small pockets, but not so much if you’re in need of a larger than life screen. It’s resolution isn’t quite the best, but it still gives a solid experience if you plan on using it to catch up with the latest episode of Corrie or for those daily cat video sessions.

The internal kit offers a good level of quality as well, with the processor providing the speed to keep any smartphone user pleased. A healthy 8GB internal memory gives plenty of capacity for downloading new apps or saving photos and should the need arise then a 32GB microSD card can be inserted help up these levels if you’re feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Honor Bee

The battery isn’t the biggest, but it still lasts long enough to avoid it being an inconvenience, whilst it also charges quite quickly as well. The clever power saving technology used by Huawei gives a full days use under mixed usage scenarios. However, if you decide to constantly browse the web or play Angry Birds for a prolonged period, then expect about four hours of life.

That internet surfing is delivered over 3G or Wi-Fi and the connection can be used for online banking, bookmarking sites or creating a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices. Offline navigation is supported, although a free app, such as Osmand, will need to be downloaded to handle the task. Google Maps comes pre-installed if you don’t fancy taking up any space with more map based apps.

Android OS and Emotion UI

What really sets the Honor Bee’s individuality free is the combo of the Android KitKat operating system and Huawei Emotion UI 3.0 user interface. Widgets can be pinned onto the home screens for live info on everything from the news and weather to Facebook and Twitter updates.

Pre-installed themes can jazz up the look, but at this pricing point live wallpapers are not on offer. This said, there are plenty of other features to be joyful about such as multitasking, which enables music to be played in the background while using other apps. Those tunes are also easy to find as they can be sorted by album, artist, playlist or folder.

Emotion UI 3.0

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Students and professionals alike will be delighted to find Word, Excel and PowerPoint editing along with the capabilities to read PDF files. It’s easy to remain productive with the Note Pad app, WeChat service and Phone Manager, which can be used to clear the cache, enable the harassment filter, back up data and check for software updates.

PIN or patterned security codes protect the Honor Bee from unauthorised users and this feature rounds up what is undeniably a rich experience for very little silver.

Huawei Honor Bee design

The Huawei Honor Bee’s design is curvaceous, which gives it a nice feel in the hand, and this cheap as chips smartphone is available with a Snow white or Matte black paint job. The body is 10mm thick and the Honor Bee weighs 170 grams, so you won’t be dealing with a heavy handset by any means, and one which won’t be filling your pocket to breaking point.

The USB port and the headphone jack are both positioned on the top edge and this works well in keeping the cables out of the way. Whilst an FM radio is included for music lovers and like many of the latest smartphones, a headset needs to be connected to use it. This is due to the cable’s dual role, transferring the sound to your ears and working as the radio’s antenna.

The biggest give away that the Honor Bee is a budget mobile comes in the form of the wide bezel that surrounds the screen. Yes, the technology is out there to make really sleek looking phones but if every car looked like a Ferrari then who would be shelling out a quarter of million pounds on a F12 Berlinetta?

Huawei Honor Bee camera

Wow, did budget just get cool? You certainly might think so when you start taking pictures on the 8MP camera, which incidentally has a dual LED flash for naturally illuminating your nights out, from pre-drinks to club, kebab and home.

Honor Bee

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Looking directly at you is the 2MP secondary camera, which is solely designed for taking selfies. It could be argued that a higher resolution secondary camera would heighten the appeal, but you can’t have everything when you spend so little on a mobile phone. On the plus side, images can be GPS tagged, a timer can be put into action to give the extra necessary seconds needed to stage a pose and the photo editing software enables cut, rotate and slideshow.

Who said Bees were bad?

Whilst this handset doesn’t quite pack the same sting in the tail as you might find with a flagship effort, the Honor Bee definitely stands up for itself as an incredibly useful handset. Whether it’s snapping your latest Snapchat post or surfing the web, the Bee handles is all with no fuss. It even looks the part as well, making it a wise investment at any level.