Part of Huawei's photography-focused P series, the Huawei P30 is an impressive smartphone with next-generation camera capabilities. Officially announced at a special Huawei event in Paris at the end of March 2019, the P30 offers some of tech's most innovative smartphone features for less, all while sporting a stunning light-reflecting design.

To give you an overview of this brand-new flagship, we run down its top five features...

1 - Triple-lens rear camera

The Huawei P30 features an advanced triple-lens camera system to the rear of the handset. The 40MP Super Sensing camera has an aperture of f/1.8 and produces fantastic results when it comes to shooting in low-light conditions.


The triple-lens camera also has a 16MP ultra-wide angle lens on board, and an 8MP telephoto lens. The former will help you pack more detail into one shot - particularly useful if you have a large group of friends to squeeze into the frame. The telephoto lens makes a bokeh (blurred background) effect possible. You can also snap objects far into the distance without sacrificing picture quality thanks to Huawei's 5x hybrid zoom, 30x digital zoom and 3x optical zoom.

2 - 32MP selfie camera

It's not just the Huawei P30's primary camera that is set to impress. There's a remarkable 32MP front-facing camera housed inside a tiny dewdrop-shaped notch at the top of the device's screen. Super detailed selfies can be expected, as the handset uses Huawei's intelligent, built-in software to enhance each photo.


The handset will automatically adjust brightness levels, contour your face and sharpen your best features, for stunning shots full of detail, even in low-light conditions. You can expect crystal clear video quality from the Huawei P30's front-facing camera too, perfect for face-to-face video calls.

3 - 6.1-inch Full HD+ display

The Huawei P30 sports a phablet-sized 6.1-inch display with OLED technology providing Full HD+ quality. You'll really be able to appreciate just how great the P30's camera is when looking back through your photos. Playing graphics-intense games and catching up on your favourite TV shows on the go is sure to be a pleasure, with true-to-life colour and the edge-to-edge design providing a cinematic experience.


The device also has an ambient light sensor, which enables it to detect surrounding light levels. The screen will adjust its brightness levels accordingly for comfortable viewing.

4 - In-screen fingerprint sensor

To protect your private information, there's a fingerprint scanner directly within the P30 screen. Helping to keep the device secure, you'll simply need to register your fingerprint and place it anywhere on the screen to activate the sensor. According to Huawei, the handset has the ability to unlock in less than half a second.


The decision to place the sensor inside the screen, rather than underneath or on the rear of the device, adds to the P30's overall seamless, premium appearance.

5 - Long-lasting 3,650 mAh battery

A phone with an advanced camera system and advanced display needs a battery that can support these features, and the phone's 3,650 mAh battery can be expected to last throughout the day. The innovative Kirin 980 processor is energy-efficient, meaning you'll use less power when carrying out everyday tasks.


When you do need to recharge, you won't have to wait for hours to be able to use the handset. Huawei's 22W SuperCharge promises speedy charging times, so you can be reunited with the device in next to no time.

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