Renowned for its cameras and power, the Huawei P series is known for consistently bringing advanced flagship specs at a competetive price.

With the arrival of the new Huawei P40, we take a look into its top 5 features, to see what exactly it has to offer.

1 - Triple-lens camera

You’ll find a 50MP + 16MP + 8MP triple-lens camera system neatly bundled together on the rear of the phone, giving youthe option of wide angle, ultra-wide angle and telephoto within each snap you take.

Again, working with Leica to create its rear camera, Huawei has excelled when it comes to smartphone photography – you’re guaranteed an amazingly detailed, well-lit and true to life image every time you hit the shutter button. It’s not just the lenses at work here either – Huawei’s AI tech also lends a helping hand, reading your environment in real-time, and adjusting the light and focus as you shoot. It allows you an extremely impressive 3x Optical Zoom, 5x Hybrid Zoom and 30x Max Zoom for your far away subjects, and breath-taking macro shots where you’re up close and personal.


This device isn’t just for the photography professionals though – its 32MP dual lens front-facing camera produces social media-ready snaps with minimal effort. And don’t worry, this powerful camera doesn’t disrupt the clean design of the P40 – it’s neatly tucked away in a pill-shaped hole punch notch.

2 6.1-inch OLED Display

The Huawei P40 has a flat, glossy 6.1-inch display, alongside a fast 60Hz refresh rate. The handset is IP53 water and dust resistant, which is perfect for those everyday bumps and mishaps, and for those who value a clean, fresh display. Hidden inside the screen you'll find the device’s fingerprint scanner, which has been made larger for an easier unlock, and provides a more seamless, uninterrupted design.


The screen can produce a mesmerizing 16.7 million colours, but don’t let that distract you from the beautiful design on the back. It’s an aluminium and glass design, with an interesting brushed texture that gives off a matte-finish look, while still feeling sleek and comfortable in the hand. It’s light refractive, rather than reflective, which looks great in both natural and artificial light.

3 - Celia

The Huawei P40 arrives with a brand-new intelligent assistant – Celia. Included in the new EMUI 10.1 operating system, Celia can help with just about everything. She’ll search the web for clues if you ask her a question via voice command, send a text or start a call. However, Celia goes the extra mile with camera functions – she can translate text, calculate the calories of a meal, or even let you know what kind of flowers are growing in your garden, simply by looking at your surroundings through Huawei’s AI technology.


The user interface is clean, simple and easy to navigate with EMUI 10.1 – despite its complex and advanced capabilities. To keep you and Celia on the go all day, I allocation constantly works to optimise your usage to keep the handset’s 3,800 mAh battery from running low before the day is done.

4 - 5G

Tt’s no surprise the Huawei P40 is 5G-ready. It features a Kirin 990 5G chipset, and whenever you’re in an area where the next-generation mobile network is available, you’ll automatically be able to connect and experience 5G in all its glory.


The device features the Huawei XD Fusion Engine, so even if you’re nowhere near a Wi-Fi network, online gaming and streaming will be responsive with 5G.

5 - Golden Snap

The Huawei P40 introduces Golden Snap, which is a new AI photo package, including Golden Snap AI Remove Passersby, Golden Snap AI Remove Reflection and Golden Snap AI Best Moment.

The appropriately named Golden Snap AI Remove Passersby saves your snaps from photobombers. Is someone aimlessly walking in the background of what could be a perfect Instagram shot? No problem, AI is able to remove people from the background of your snaps, creating a clean, consistent background in their place.


Golden Snap AI Remove Reflection is also impressive – when you take a picture, the image is saved in multiple layers, which allows you to remove any light reflections that mess up your photo. It works in a similar way to Remove Passersby, but focusses on light patterns, rather than physical objects.

AI Best Moment deploys motion features that make sure you get the best possible action shot every time. When you take a moving shot, the handset will analyse your expressions and postures throughout the action, and capture the whole sequence in 4K – in just 1.7 seconds. Using the information it gathers, it’ll then let you choose from one to three of the best frames to be used as the final still image.

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