The WWDC event has traditionally been a hotbed for the latest Apple announcements. From 2008-2010 the world has been treated with iPhone unveilings. Was the new iPhone 5 supposed to be announced at WWDC 2012? Though no Apple iPhone 5 appeared at the conference which targets software developers, we were indulged with a whole host of new features for the latest operating system.

With over 200 new ideas that advance iOS 6 over its predecessor, here’s our favourite that are sure to make the new Apple iPhone 5 one of the best smartphones for 2012.

Siri is evolving

Previously criticised as a gimmick and lacking relevance for the UK Apple fan base, Siri’s outing at WWDC proves himself to be a more knowledgeable and interesting assistant than first thought.

The iOS 6 Siri appears to be quite the sports fan, able to keep you up to date on the latest scores, or solve those pub debates with an archive of sporting statistics and trivia. Add to this the knowledge of Local Search for essential restaurant reviews and reservations, and Siri becomes the assistant we’ve been waiting to meet and greet.

The latest version of Siri which will appear on the new Apple iPhone 5 has become more than an app; it’s the fabric which flows within the navigation of iOS 6. You can launch your favourite apps with your voice. Find out how Siri is likely to compare to S-Voice in our Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 review.

The latest version of Siri will be more accessible too. No longer just available for the Apple iPhone 4S, Siri has branched out onto future editions of the iPad. We can’t wait to see the new Siri on the iPhone 5,


Going beyond the Google maps service within iOS, the new iPhone 5 using iOS 6 will operate using Apple’s own mapping service. Offering turn by turn spoken navigation (thanks again Siri!) and a 3D perspective view of the route ahead, the Apple iPhone 5 becomes a great driving companion. There’s real time traffic updates and automatic rerouting to make sure you’re always on time.

Even when you fancy a quick nibble by the roadside, just ask Siri for the nearest restaurant or service station and he’ll look it up for you using Local Search.

When your eyes are off the road, Maps is still a joy to use as you can soar and explore above cities to see iconic landmarks in all their glory. This is guaranteed to look amazing when blown up on the New iPad.

iOS 6 maps - Apple iPhone 5

Facetime, Anytime!

It’s always good to talk face to face with your friends and the iOS Facetime feature is a huge success for enhancing those video calls. Previously iOS limited Facetime usage to Wi-Fi connections. iOS 6 ups the game by allowing you to Facetime over cellular connections; ideal if the Apple iPhone 5 comes with 4G connectivity.

Facebook Integration

iPhone fans have “poked” Apple for months to have Facebook integrated within their favourite operating system. How is the iOS for the new iPhone 5 integrating Facebook further into its software? Smartphone users love to upload content from their handset onto Facebook, and the iOS 6 camera app removes the drawn out procedures of the past with an integrated “share to Facebook” option. The iOS calendar syncs with your Facebook friends birthdays and events. You can even tell Siri your latest Facebook status, and he’ll upload it for you.

Facebook integration with the new iPhone software will also boost your App Store experience; Apple’s rich content store which has just surpassed 650,000 apps. iOS 6 uses “Likes” from your friends to personalise your shopping experience with valued recommendations. You can even log your username and password onto your iPhone 5, so future App Store purchases are integrated with your Facebook account instantly.

The announcement comes just weeks after Mark Zuckerburg was rumoured to meet Apple execs over a Facebook Phone in the pipeline.

Facebook on iOS 6 - Apple iPhone 5

iOS 6 in the UK?

Apple enthusiasts will be pleased to find the Beta version of iOS 6 is available from yesterdays announcement. Those whose thirst won’t be quenched until the full official release will have to patiently wait until Autumn; a date that is likely to coincide with the Apple iPhone 5 announcement and UK release.

Overall, we think the latest features of iOS 6 are welcome additions to Apple’s operating system. The announcements at WWDC demonstrate how the Apple iPhone 5 features will make the 2012 release their most intelligent handset yet. We can’t wait.

What are your thoughts on iOS 6. Will these features make a worthy Apple iPhone 5? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook community page.

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