Admittedly, it’s pretty hard to get bored of our iPhones, iPads and iPods, with Apple cramming in update after update to keep us pleased. However, if you are getting tired of your smartphone (somehow?!) then you needn’t worry for too long, as Apple is bringing yet another piece of kit to play with.

Enter iOS 9, Apple’s latest piece of internal software which is promising to be one of the best updates yet. But what makes this upcoming download so exciting? Luckily enough for you, we’ve already come up with nine reasons.

News, news, news!

Apple News

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News is an important part of day to day life, whether it consists of the latest footballing transfers, political manifestos or what Brangelina had for lunch last Tuesday. However, getting that news all in one place has been a bit of a frustration for our smartphones.

Too many times we’ve had to close one app and switch to another, only to head to our browsers for a more in-depth take on the daily happenings. Thanks to iOS 9’s News app, this will no longer be the case.

Collecting all of the news which are of interest to you, this Apple brand app will help you find stories relevant to you without making you scour a Google web search. Just make sure it doesn’t join all of those other Apple bloatware apps in that dusty folder on your home screen, as it’ll do no good there.

Notable notes…

iOS 9 Notes

Notes has always been a handy app for jotting down musings to look at later on, but now it’s getting a bit of a makeover. iOS 9 is giving the app a bit of blush and mascara, whilst also providing an extra level of functionality as well, with numerous additions.

It’s no longer a text only affair with the app, with checklists and pictures now making their way into the fray. On top of that, you can now add to the Notes app from any other app as well, so you can guarantee anything you see can be kept safe and sound in your new note taking app.

More maps

iOS 9 Maps

Not all iPhone owners can drive, you know? Thankfully, Apple is finally recognising our non-driving contingent, supplying us with a Maps app which can link to public transport. Whether it’s a bus to work, a train up north or even a ferry across the Thames, Apple Maps should have you covered.

Also, if you fancy a quick bite during your travels then the Maps’ new nearby feature can offer you some places to go. So, if you can’t decide on pizza or chicken during your journey, then your iPhone should supply a decision for you.

Apple Pay in the UK!

Apple Pay UK

Prepare your bank account; Apple Pay is coming to the UK, pretty much guaranteeing that we’ll be splashing the cash more regularly with a brand new flashy feature. Finally coming to the UK, we’ll be able to pay for things wirelessly with our iOS 9 devices, all verified by fingerprint.

This means that all of those trips to McDonalds, KFC and Primark might not require your wallet anymore. Of course, you will have to link your Apple Pay account to your bank account, so you can still expect the same old grim reading when you check out your bank statement at the end of the month.

Multitasking fun

iOS 9 Multitasking

They say women are better than men when it comes to multitasking, but now it seems that our Apple devices might have one up on all of us now with iOS 9’s brand new multitasking features. We get three new ways of handling multiple apps, all of which offer a handy way to keep things flowing without being overcomplicated.

Slide Over adds a side panel which runs over the top of any app allowing for quick fact checking, Picture in Picture lets you FaceTime a contact whilst running an app on the side, whilst Split View allows two apps to run simultaneously. They’re only available on the iPad line-up, so unless you have a slate you won’t enjoy it, but hey, you can’t win them all.

Super Siri to the rescue

iOS 9 Siri

Who hasn’t used Siri in some capability? The personal assistant has been hanging around since the iPhone 4s came along, and iOS 9 is brushing up its skills.

Becoming more proactive this time around, Siri will actually suggest a number of things, whether it’s leaving early due to some extra traffic or who could be calling you if the number is unknown. You also get given a more powerful search function, which cover a wider range of topics.

Finally, Siri can also have its way with third-party apps now as well, letting it out of the Apple-only cage at last.

Improved battery

iOS 9 battery

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Let’s face it, our smartphone batteries can a bit rubbish so it’s good to see Apple tackling the issue with its next update, albeit on a smaller level.

Improving efficiency across the range, we should be getting an extra hour of battery life to spend how you like (most likely on Facebook for us!). Also, your iPhone has gained a neat trick to let it know when it’s face down, so it won’t power up the screen when it gets a notification, saving even more energy.

More security

iOS 9 Security

Whilst longer batteries and multitasking is all fun and games, security is no laughing matter, and Apple is working to guarantee your selfies are save from scavengers! The first improvement is a minor one, upping the four digit pass code to six digits.

You won’t notice this all that much if you use Touch ID, but for those passcode users out there it makes your code one in 1m, rather than one in 10,000, a pretty big difference if you ask us! Also, two-factor authentication also comes into play, ensuring your safety if you decide to move onto another device.

Android lovers welcome

Move to iOS

How can Apple dominate the market even more? By stealing some of Android’s customers of course! So, Apple has made it easier for Android users to shift onto the iPhone with the Move to iOS app.

The app can automatically move your contacts, messages, photos, videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, songs and books from your old Android device onto your new iPhone – all without tedious wires! It even suggests the apps which you used to have upon completion, and adds your paid apps onto your iTunes wishlist, how good is that?

So, if you’re wondering why iOS 9 is going to be worth downloading, these reasons should put you on cloud nine, at least for a little while.