Rumours have been slowly generating about the possibility of an iPad Pro hitting the market sometime this year, boasting bigger specs and faster speeds than we’ve ever seen on a tablet.

But can we really expect a super-sized tablet from Apple? Will it be able to outclass the iPad Air?

What is the iPad Pro?

Apple tends to stick to the same style when it comes down to new releases, with the iPhone 5s and 5c models based on the iPhone 5 handset released a year before.

But the iPad seems to be going down a different path, favouring the ‘Air’ and ‘Pro’ versions, like the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.

This means that the iPad Pro will most likely be a bigger, more powerful version of the iPad, and may be a tablet capable of competing our laptop computers.

Concept image of the Apple iPad Pro

iPad Pro Specs

If this latest iPad is going to live up to its name, it’s going to need a tremendously powerful set of specs, and by the sounds of it, we’re in for a real treat. The iPad Pro is set to feature a 12.9” 4K display, four times as sharp as full HD, and way ahead of the 9.7” Retina Display that we currently see adorning the iPad Air. 4GB of RAM is also expected to make its way onto the slate, making multi-tasking a doddle compared to the Air’s 1GB effort.

If storage space is your cup of tea, then the iPad Pro will be an absolute dream for you to use, boasting a humongous 256GB of internal memory, double the next closest tablet. Apple’s very own chipset will also be at home in the iPad Pro, and it will most likely upgrade from the current A7 effort they use on the iPad Air to an A8 chip, offering faster speeds and more power. The photo lovers out there have no need to worry either, with the iPad Pro upping the 5MP camera to either 8MP or 13MP, with a 3MP snapper on the front of the tablet.

Finally, with a bigger spec list comes a bigger battery, with many expecting Apple to have the iPad Pro run for around 12 hours with a full charge, around two hours more than the current tablets from the Californian company.

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**iPad Pro Features

Apple Features

It isn’t purely specs that will be winning people over with the iPad Pro, with the next generation of iPad also looking ready to host a completely new set of features as well.

The first major feature will be the inclusion of iOS 8, with Apple refusing to make the OS X software from its Macs available on a mobile platform.

Apple is set to introduce the iPen stylus to help you manage the larger touch screen, which will work similarly to the S Pen from Samsung. However, the iPen  won’t just be a stylus; the device will also boast a laser pointer on one end, perfect for all of your business meetings, making it even more functional than Samsung’s stylus.

Eye tracking software is also set to be included on the iPad Pro, opening up opportunities for added security via iris scanning, and functionality features like hands-free scrolling.

And you wouldn’t expect a new Apple tablet to launch without TouchID, which is a certainty for the iPad Pro. This fingerprint scanning technology is a must for business users in particular, who need sensitive information kept as secure as possible.

Finally, Apple is set to allow the iPad Pro to connect to the wireless mouse and keyboard we see work so well with the iMac computers, allowing users to work using the tablet without dealing with a touch screen keyboard.

Will the iPad Pro feature an iPen stylus?

iPad Pro: the verdict

Whilst the iPad Air is definitely a brilliant tablet for general use, the iPad Pro is making some promises which really do surpass the Air’s current ability.

Boasting laptop-like specs alongside Apple’s reliable and simple design is putting the iPad Pro on a lot of wish lists right now.

In terms of release date, we could see the iPad Pro as early as September, launching alongside the iPhone 6. If it does come along this Autumn, then September could be a rather expensive month for us Apple fans out there!

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