iPhone 12 – Top 5 Features

iPhone 12 – Top 5 Features

Released in autumn 2020, the iPhone 12 series is the latest flagship lineup from Apple, and it features four handsets in total – the most affordable of which are iPhone 12 and its smaller counterpart, iPhone 12 Mini. Below, we’ll run through the top 5 features packed into iPhone 12, from the A14 Bionic chip to 5G connectivity, and more.

1. Design & Display

Weighing just 164g, iPhone 12 feels pleasingly light to hold, and with flat aerospace-grade aluminium edges, it’s comfortable to grasp too. This handset has been designed with durability in mind, coated in Ceramic Shield glass – which, according to Apple, is harder than most metals – for maximum protection against drops and cracks.


A 6.1-inch OLED display stretches edge-to-edge on the device, only interrupted by a small dropdown featuring the speaker and 12MP selfie camera. Still, the bezel is barely there with a screen-to-body ratio of 86%, and whether you’re streaming your favourite shows, gaming on the go or just scrolling through the news, colours will appear vividly with True Tone technology onboard. This feature enables iPhone 12 to measure the light in your surroundings, and adapt the colour balance on the display in line with it, giving you the best possible viewing experience, wherever you are.

2. Dual-Camera System

Comprised of two 12MP lenses, one wide and one ultra wide, the rear camera system on the iPhone 12 is equipped with a whole host of exciting features. Both lenses have Apple’s Night Mode, which activates automatically when it senses a low level of light. The new wide lens is capable of capturing up to 27% more light, for beautifully clear images in sunshine, moonlight and everything in-between.


Use Smart HDR 3 to perfectly balance the elements in your frame, prevent overexposure and keep your subject front and centre; this feature can even recognise specific scenes – like food, flatlays or landscapes – and make adjustments accordingly. Meanwhile, Portrait Mode will transform how you capture friends and family, artfully blurring the background and even providing six creative lighting effects to further enhance your images, like Natural Light, Studio Light and High-Key Light Mono.

Apple has also taken videography facilities one step further on this handset, with the inclusion of Dolby Vision. Record true-to-life footage in 4K HDR and make the most of the editing suite in Photos, iMovie or Clips. Once you’ve finished tinkering with your video, you can even share it with loved ones via your Smart TV using AirPlay.

3. 5G

This device comes with the capacity for a 5G connection built in – you can use the UK’s fifth generation mobile network whenever you’re in a 5G-supported area. Custom antennas and radio components are onboard iPhone 12 for an especially efficient connection with minimal lag and next to no latency – ideal for video calls, smartphone gaming and fast, uninterrupted downloads.


You won’t need to worry about 5G taking a toll on your battery either; Apple has re-examined its software and applications to ensure that they’re optimized for use on 5G, so they benefit from improved performance without using additional power.

4. iOS 14

iPhone 12 comes with Apple’s latest operating system installed – you can start using iOS 14 from the moment you turn your handset on. There are plenty of handy shortcuts incorporated in this update, like the all-new Translate app, which can translate dictated speech into 11 different languages, and pinned conversations, which keep messages with your most frequent contacts within reach.


Struggle to keep your apps organised? iOS 14 comes with an App Library, which automatically sorts your applications into logical groups for easy access. Multitasking is easier with this update too; Picture in Picture mode means you can keep watching a show or continue your FaceTime call while you open another app – your video or call will simply shrink, and sit in the top right corner of your screen.

5. Li-Ion Battery

Powering this device is a Li-ion battery, which – assisted by the A14 Bionic chip – delivers a long-lasting performance. This combination of hardware means iPhone 12 is fully equipped to handle a 5G connection, as well as a full day’s use, from podcasts on your morning commute to selfies when you head out for drinks.


When you need to recharge, you won’t be plugged in for long thanks to fast-charging, which you can achieve using the wire included in the box. If you’d rather avoid cables altogether, faster wireless charging is also available with a Qi-certified charger; the magnets on this device align themselves perfectly every time, for a seamless connection to help you power up quickly.

With so much to offer, iPhone 12 makes the ideal choice for your next upgrade. Find brilliant SIM-only and contract deals today at e2save.com.