**Smartphones are no longer battling it out to be the smallest device in your pocket; in fact, they are now aiming to boast bigger features, bigger specs and bigger screens. **The birth of phablets has proven this trend, and now the biggest name in the business has jumped on-board the phablet boat.

But how has Apple’s debutant phablet manage in the world of the bigger screen? Has it worked its magic to become the leading phablet on the market? We think it has, and we’re about to explain why! So forget about your smaller screened handsets, here’s why the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is a hit!

5.5-inch Display

Lets start with the basics. The iPhone 6 Plus boasts a larger than life 5.5-inch screen, which firmly puts it in the ‘phablet’ category of smartphones (half tablet, half phone). iPhones have traditionally stuck to their guns, resisting the trend to get larger and larger, unlike their Android rivals. However, if there’s something to be learnt here, it’s that Apple never does things by halves, making the iPhone 6 Plus jump a whole 1.5-inches from the iPhone 5s, and 0.7-inches up from the iPhone 6.

iphone 6 vs iphone 6 plus

The best thing about the iPhone 6 Plus’s large size is that it allows you to do all of those things that you would traditionally do on a tablet, from reading or playing games, to sending emails and online banking. With the new landscape mode, you can display more than ever on one single screen. For instance, you can scroll through your inbox at the same time as viewing a particular message, just like on a tablet, making the 6 Plus a perfect companion for busy people!

Another key reason why the iPhone 6 Plus has done so well isn’t just because of it’s screen size; the quality of the 5.5-inch display is top notch too. Boasting a pixel per inch (ppi) ratio of 401 compared to the 326 ppi count on the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus offers even sharper images which will compliment your movies, YouTube videos and selfies much better.

Big on Storage

Apple has never been one for memory card slots, and this isn’t changing anytime soon. Thankfully, the iPhone 6 Plus features a humongous 128GB internal storage. That’s right; you read correctly, 128GB storage on the larger iPhone 6 model- way more than enough room for all those pictures, songs and videos. So, if you find yourself constantly deleting pictures to make room for that app you so desperately need, you need worry no more!

Of course, if your smartphone needs aren’t as memory-heavy as others, a 16GB and a 64GB variation of the new iPhone 6 Plus are available- and it’s worth noting that they will also be cheaper to buy, too!

Apple A8 Processor

Who wants a big screen and large memory without the power to back it up? Apple knows this is a stumbling block for many handsets and doesn’t want to make the same mistake. Packing the first ever Apple A8 processor, it’s safe to say that speed off the mark isn’t an issue for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Outpacing even some of the most recently released smartphones, the A8 processor from Apple offers breakneck speeds regardless of how many apps you have running. This pace, mixed with the size and storage of the handset makes it a true competitor for any handset, and one won’t be getting outclassed anytime soon.

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iOS 8

Forget fancy specs and classy looking hardware, one of Apple’s main selling points is the simplicity of its mobile operating system. iOS has long been deemed the peak of user-friendliness, allowing users to gain quick access to their smartphones as well as customising the likes of their wallpapers and ringtones without fuss.

ios 8 iphone 6

iOS 8 is the latest installment of the system, and is built into both iPhone 6 models. With new apps such as HealthKit and HomeKit gracing the iPhone 6 Plus, as well as an upgraded design, there’s no end to the things you can do with the Apple phablet. And if it looks good on the iPhone 6, it’s only going to be better on the 6 Plus. After all, size matters, right?

Also, if you’re super-eager to get yourself involved in the wearable hype – the iPhone 6 Plus even links perfectly with the brand new Apple Watch! You just need to get your hands on one first, which isn’t exactly cheap at the moment!


The iPhone 6 was always going to be one of the best handsets of recent times, but nobody anticipated just how good a phablet version would do on to the market as well. The Samsung Galaxy Note line-up has dominated the phablet market for quite a while, but with the iPhone 6 Plus doing so well, all hell has broken loose for big screen smartphone fans!

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