Apple really rocked the boat when it launched the colourful iPhone 5c last year, breaking from the American giant’s usual launch pattern. Despite some controversial feedback about the plastic-clad handset, we absolutely loved the iPhone 5c’s design, features and most of all, its price tag.

So will Apple go down the same route this time round with a potential iPhone 6c? And will the newly released iOS 8 make it even better than its predecessor?

Latest iPhone 6c rumours

Word on the street is a little quiet when it comes to the upcoming iPhone 6c release- instead it’s the iPhone 6 that’s on everybody’s lips this summer. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t take a stab at the colourful handset that Apple is likely to offer us this September.

Same colourful design?

The splash of colour that we got with the iPhone 5c really brightened up the outlook for Apple, and we’re sure that we’re set to get the same treat this time round too.

The iPhone 5s’ colourful brother is available in a choice of five colours, including blue, green, white, yellow and pink. However, with more and more manufacturers jumping head first into the paint pot this year, it’s likely that the iPhone 6c will hit the shelves sporting a whole new array of colourful jackets.

iPhone 6c colours

The budget Moto E and Moto G can be picked up in over seven shades, whilst the majority of Sony’s smartphones- budget and flagship alike- are available in a deep shade of purple. So could this be a trend that Apple is set to dominate this year with an even more vibrant line up of iPhone 6c handsets?

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Same specs as the iPhone 5s?

In many ways the existing iPhone 5c is an identical version of the iPhone 5 in terms of features and specs. It has a 4-inch display, 1.3GHz processor and the same 8 megapixel camera as its older cousin, with the exception of a beautifully moulded plastic body.

If Apple is set to follow this trend, then, will our iPhone 6c feature the same specs under the hood as the iPhone 5s? If our wish list was to come true, the iPhone 6c will sport the incredible 8MP iSight camera kitted out with a dual-tone flash and slow-mo mode.

We also have our fingers crossed for the iPhone 6c being as slim-line and light as the current iPhone 5s, which would be a welcome addition to the slightly bulkier iPhone 5c. But the all important question still remains: will Apple stick a high tech fingerprint scanner on the front of the iPhone 6c? We hope so, but in all honesty, we very much doubt it.

What will iOS 8 bring to the iPhone 6c?

Although there was no sighting of an iPhone 6 at last week’s Apple developers’ conference, we did manage to catch a glimpse of Apple’s latest operating system update, iOS 8.  By the looks of it, iOS 8’s design is very much like that of  iOS 7 in terms of its colourful, dynamic user interface and handy control panels. However, where iOS 8 does make a splash is in terms of its new exiting features.

Apple iOS 8 Quicktype

First of all Apple has launched its very own swipe keyboard, called Quicktype. This allows you to send replies on the go with a simple swipe of the finger- just like on most Android smartphones.

Then we’ve got Apple’s new stand out feature, HealthKit. HealthKit is the Apple version of Google Fit, and aims to keep users in charge of their health and well being. With hints that an Apple iWatch is also on its way, this could be a great feature setting the iPhone 6c apart from last year’s model. That said, the iPhone 5c is sure to get iOS 8 within weeks of its launch, which means that users who don’t want to make the upgrade won’t get left behind!

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iPhone 6c: the verdict

While the rumour mill concerning the new iPhone 6c is yet to gain momentum, it’s likely that the iPhone 6c won’t fall too far from the tree in terms of last year’s style, features and functionality.

Users will still be able to add a touch of colour to their lives with the iPhone 6c’s vibrant shells, at the same time as benefiting from a superior smartphone under the hood. And what’s better, rumour has it that the iPhone 6c will be even cheaper than its predecessor. Now that’s something that we can cross our fingers for!