2017 marked the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, and with it came a very special smartphone release. iPhone X (pronounced iPhone ten) is a cutting-edge addition to the iPhone family, and is Apple's most advanced mobile to date.

Packed with innovative tech, here's a rundown on the handset's top five features.

1: Edge-to-Edge Super Retina Display

A new look for Apple, iPhone X no longer offers a home button. Instead, users will find a 5.8-inch, edge-to-edge display in its place. This OLED screen offers Super Retina HD technology, which means a crystal-clear, highly detailed display with incredible colour.

There's an option to enable TrueTone on iPhone X as well, a feature which was first released on the iPad Pro. Using multichannel sensors, iPhone X's display will adjust both its colour and intensity depending on the environment, meaning images will always appear natural during the day or night.

The screen also features Apple's famous 3D Touch, meaning iPhone X will respond differently, depending on the amount of pressure applied to the touchscreen. For example, if you want to preview a message, press it lightly. To open the message in full, apply a hard press.

2: TrueDepth Camera

Always a talking point during an iPhone release is the camera. iPhone X didn't disappoint, with the rear telephoto 12MP dual camera producing incredible photos. Not only does the dual lens enable Portrait Mode - a feature focusing on depth of field to produce a professional, blurred background - the wide-angle lens is capable of 10x digital zoom.

The 7MP front-facing camera is also known as Apple's True Depth camera. Alongside being fantastic for selfies, it's also responsible for Face ID - Apple's latest security feature. Without a home button, Touch ID is no more. Instead, you can unlock iPhone X using facial recognition. Sensors (known as the True Depth system) plot over 30,000 dots to create a detailed facial map of the user.

3: A11 Bionic Chip

Behind the scenes, there's a bunch of tech working hard to offer a speedy, efficient performance from iPhone X. One of the most notable improvements has to be the A11 Bionic Chip, which also helps to deliver Apple's additional Augmented Reality content so effortlessly.

Additionally, the A11 chip means switching between multiple apps and using graphics-heavy games works every time without a glitch, which helps the built-in battery last longer too.

4: Apple's Most Durable Ever Build

iPhone X features an all-glass back, but that doesn't mean it's fragile. In fact, Apple claim this is their most durable device ever, and as an added bonus it can also charge up wirelessly.

Crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel and sturdy Gorilla Glass 5, iPhone X will withstand more than the odd bump and scratch. What's more, the device is splash, water and dust resistant as well - boasting an IP67 rating.

5: Animoji

For emoji fans, Apple's Animoji is likely to be the best iPhone X feature of them all. Using the TrueDepth camera to its full potential, Animoji are essentially animated emoji - tracking over 50 muscles in your face to move the character on screen.

Apple continue to add more characters to its Animoji line-up, with 16 currently available. To transform into a cat, lion, dragon or even a unicorn, users need to open Messages, tap the Apps icon and then select Animoji.

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