Every year we face one of the biggest problems every smartphone fan suffers from. Not only are we forced to make a choice between a selection of brilliant flagship phones, but we also have to stump up the cash to pay for them as well.

HTC’s latest flagship phone is one of several smartphones which is likely to make a sizeable dent in our bank accounts, but is it really worth the cash? We’re going to take a look at the new HTC smartphone to let you know if you should buy it!

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HTC One M9 Specs

By far the most important part of any smartphone, specs are what give the phone the power to actually do its job. HTC has ensured that its spec sheet is right up there among the best with its flagship handset.

Playing host to a 5” SuperLCD3 full HD screen, the One M9 packs a vivid and colourful display which offers quality similar to that of a flat screen TV. On top of this we get a super-fast Snapdragon 810 chipset which can duel it out with plenty of other flagship phones released this year.

An octa-core processor is also included alongside an Adreno 430 GPU, making the One M9 ideal for gaming and other tech heavy applications. When memory is concerned, the 32GB built-in storage is more than enough, but can be added to with a MicroSD card – something not included on several other flagship smartphones.

3GB RAM is also included, whilst a 2840mAh battery and 20 megapixel camera also make the cut, giving the One M9 an all-round specs list which is hard to top.

New HTC One M9 Features

HTC One M9

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On top of this powerful spec sheet is a solid batch of HTC features on the One M9. The likes of BlinkFeed and Zoe stick around from Sense 6, but we also get an updated user interface, with Sense 7 included as well.

Whilst this doesn’t change the way the UI looks too drastically, it does add some neat and useful features for us to play with. One of these is Sense Home, which uses your phone’s location to supply certain apps to your home screen.

Also, HTC photo effects also get improved – adding features like Double Exposure, which lets you merge two pictures into one. Also with BoomSound front facing speakers, you can get unmatched audio quality which is perfect for ramping up the tunes at your next party, or for giving your phone a more immersive cinema style feel when watching films.

No matter how you grasp it, you’re going to be getting plenty of features to play with on the One M9. The real question is whether they’re worth the cash you’ll be paying!

HTC One M9 Price

Let’s face it – the HTC One M9 is not a budget smartphone, that’s for sure. However, the One M9 price isn’t actually that bad, especially compared to other flagship smartphones of its quality.

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HTC One M9 Sim-Free

Ringing up the register at £580 sim-free, we aren’t talking pennies with the One M9 – but it is far cheaper than the likes of the iPhone 6, which can cost up to £699 sim-free. Also, the Galaxy S6 Edge is no different, with a rumoured £649 price tag at 32GB.

The One M9 is much more closely priced with the standard Galaxy S6 model, which also costs £580 sim-free. However the Samsung handset is restricting you to just 32GB as you won’t be able to expand on this with a memory card.

HTC One M9 Gold

HTC One M9 Contract

For us with a budget to keep to, it’s far easier to invest in a pay monthly deal, which does end up more expensive but spreads the cost. One M9 deals are looking like they could be a bit costly if you want a free handset however, with deals costing well into the £40s.

One of the most popular HTC One M9 pay monthly deals is from Vodafone – costing £43.50/month for unlimited calls and texts, with 4GB of 4G data also included. Other networks also boast different deals, with EE claiming UK exclusivity for the gold version of the handset – if that’s your kind of thing.

Of course, each network also features different sweeteners, with O2 obviously favouring its Priority scheme. EE no longer boasts its much-loved Orange Wednesdays scheme, but does have some of its other deals available, as well as offering the most 4G coverage in the country.


One of the leading smartphones of 2015, the HTC One M9 could be the best phone of the year. Grabbing one on its March 31st HTC release date won’t be cheap, but it will definitely be worthwhile if you’re a massive HTC fan or if you want one of the most powerful smartphones on the market.

No matter what, the One M9 deals on offer certainly look like they’ll be cheaper than plenty of other smartphone deals with other flagship phones. They might not favour those after a budget deal – but they’re as good as you’ll get for now!