Emoji have become a communications staple worldwide, with over 3,500 available to choose from [1] and new icons to spruce up our instant messages being developed all time.

Despite having so many choose from, to capture virtually every emotionand occasion, certain emojis inevitably emerge as favourites over others.

Our recent research [2] has revealed which emoji are currently hot and which are not among UK smartphone users, with the tears of laughter emoji coming out at as the people’s favourites, while the cheeky face is actually the nation’s least favourite.

We all have a soft spot for certain emoji, with the average person happy to include up to four different icons in one message alone [3]. But, how well do you actually know your emoji?

Below is a list of the top 25 most recognisable emoji; test your knowledge by entering these official names and tally up your score at the end...





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