The flagship LG G3 certainly landed with a splash when it was revealed earlier in the year thanks to its steely design and laser beam – yes you heard right – laser beam enhanced camera. And now LG is going one step further, launching a smaller, and more importantly cheaper, version of the G3 in the shape of the G3 S.

So what’s the low down on the LG G3 S, and how does it compare to its bigger brother?

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Steely Design

Whilst the LG G3 S might be dinkier than the G3, you definitely can’t consider it small. With a display measuring in at 5 inches, the G3 S is the same size as most top of the range flagship phones with its ample screen.

lg g3 s

The G3 S also has that premium look thanks to its brushed metal-look casing which makes it almost identical to its larger brother. Although the handset looks like the HTC One M8 and iPhone 6 because of its smart metallic design, its plastic body actually makes it a whole lot lighter than your typical metal handset.

LG has carried on dishing out unique features by relocating the main navigational buttons onto the phone’s back side, making the most of the handset’s full 5 inch display. The G3 S also has a slight curve to it, making it both attractive, and much easier to grip. So if you want to stand out of the crowd with your next smartphone, the LG G3 S is the perfect choice.

The LG G3 S is available in a range of stylish colours, including Shine Gold.

Mid-range LG G3 S Specs

Compared to its big brother, the specs have been dialled down slightly to achieve its budget ambitions, but there’s still more than enough to keep you happy. With a more than impressive quad core 1.2GHz processor and Snapdragon 400 chipset under its belt, the G3 S is far from disappointing.

Its 8GB internal memory can be topped up to 64GB with the help of a removable SD card, whilst the G3 S’s 1GB of RAM is sure to keep you going.

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8MP Camera With Laser Autofocus

Now to the good bit. LG blew us away with the G3’s super cool laser autofocus camera, and thankfully the feature is back again on the LG G3 S.  This means that although the G3 S sports a slightly smaller megapixel count than its bigger brother – 8 megapixles versus 13 megapixels – the G3 S takes amazingly flawless pics every time.

lg g3 s camera

Because of the laser autofocus, the LG G3 S can focus on whatever, or whoever, you’re capturing much faster than its competitors, allowing you to get snap happy whenever the moment takes you. Plus, the in-built HDR mode on the handset does wonders when it comes to sharpening up your shots, putting the G3 S camera right up there.

Key G3 S Features

Android KitKat

With Android KitKat 4.4.2 on board, the LG G3 S offers up pretty much all the same features as on any other KitKat powered smartphone, which is great news for Android lovers.

LG has completely snazzed up the Android homescreen with its own user interface, making it stand out within the crowded sea of Android smartphones. Also, LG’s version of KitKat is much more customisable compared to your typical Android smartphone, allowing you to change your background image, transitions and even the layout of your on-screen navigation buttons.


quick remote lg g3 s

It might not be the newest of features, but the ability to use your smartphone as an extra TV remote is always a welcome addition! Thanks to the LG G3 S’s infrared beam built into the handset, you can sneakily change channels, volumes and even turn on the radio with the LG QuickRemote app!


Last but not least, the LG G3 S is fully 4G compatible, meaning that you can make the most of the superfast broadband speeds being offered by the UK’s major networks. Whether you’re downloading apps, browsing the web or shooting out Snapchats, the LG G3 S has got you covered.

LG G3 S Review

The LG G3 S: a larger than life, beautiful-looking camera phone that’s perfect for any Android fan out there. While its spec sheet might be a bit short compared to the bigger G3, its price tag makes the G3 S a more than worthwhile buy.

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