The LG G4C delivers a clear signal that miniaturised smartphones are a thing of the past. By dropping the word ‘Compact’ from its title, the LG G4C acknowledges that consumers desire visual gymnastics over pocket friendliness.

With a 5” screen, the LG G4C has a larger display than the Apple iPhone 6, the same size screen as the HTC One M9 and a screen that is just 0.1 of an inch smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S6. It is however smaller that the LG G4 and slightly less powerful, so punters should consider this smartphone as a money saving alternative that gives a good taste of what the LG G4 is about!

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Half of this and that

Those big money savings have to be made somewhere and on the LG G4C you get half of the screen resolution and half of the camera in comparison to the LG G4. Dragging out the abacus, this equates to a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and a main camera that can capture 8 megapixels of detail. Hold on! That isn’t that bad at all! An 8 megapixel camera can capture wickedly resolute images and the display is still in the class of high-definition.


There are a few other minor drops in specifications that help bring down the price. These include the use of a slightly slower quad-core processor as opposed to a hexa-core processor and the battery loses a bit of juice at 2,540mAh. This shouldn’t be of any real concern though as that slightly smaller display and processor drink less juice, so it’s just as easy to get through the day.

Give me a poke or a prod

The LG G4C really wants to get up close and personal. It achieves this by combining two layers of the display so that the finger is closer to the display medium, making it more accurate and responsive to a touch. The slightly curvaceous design includes a patterned back case, in which a rear key is positioned. This is perfectly aligned for the index finger when held, and a simple poke up or a prod down can adjust the volume or activate a number of short cuts.

In-Cell display

The design of the LG G4C has also found space within the 10.2mm thick body for 8GB of internal memory, which can be boosted by a memory card of up to 128GB. The flexibility of the memory makes this a smart buy for those who don’t save a selfie every few minutes, while those who do can take advantage of free cloud storage or spend a little green on a microSD card, sized to their choice.

A bucket load of features bring out a smile

The 5 megapixel selfie camera has had its due attention and a special wide-angle lens brings in the possibilities of group selfies. The camera’s shutter can be activated with Gesture Shot, first show an open palm towards the phone followed by a clenched fist. If the scene needs illuminating then the LG G4C uses the light generated by the screen, instead of a flash, and this achieves a result that has a better final clarity.

Gesture Shot

If a little bit of neighbour hate has found its way into your life, then the one watt rear mounted speaker is ready to help get revenge. The loud lows and clear highs, without the need for a separate speaker, ensure that those next door can enjoy the same music as you! If a collection of music or video hasn’t yet been downloaded onto the smartphone then 4G or Wi-Fi internet access is available to make such downloads or streaming possible.

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The best news of all though is that the LG G4C comes with the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system. This can be secured away from unauthorised users by setting up a KNOCK code security pattern, of which there are 86,000 combinations. Power and time can be saved by using Glance View, which is instigated by dragging a finger down the screen to get a sneaky peak of any incoming notifications.

Owners that are feeling pretty flush after making such a bargain buy, can splash out on accessories such as the QuickCircle Case. This creates a circular window, from in which, six of the most used apps can be accessed in a miniature form.

The final verdict is that the LG G4C will help keep the bank balance in the black while offering much of the style and functionality of its premium cousin, the LG G4.